Why Refurbished iPhones are better than new Ones?

Thinking to buy new iPhone for yourself? Do you really have enough money to buy brand new iPhone X for yourself? Do you really want to gift pin pack iPhone to your b

Thinking to buy new iPhone for yourself? Do you really have enough money to buy brand new iPhone X for yourself? Do you really want to gift pin pack iPhone to your best friend? Well, these are some questions that arise when you want to purchase new iPhone.

It’s not a hidden secret that iPhones are expensive and only an affordable person can buy the iPhone. Most of us also know that second-hand phones are a great option if we do not have enough money to buy a new smartphone.

Refurbished iPhones have a great market. You can sell second hand or refurbished iPhone easily. From last decade, iPhones have become the must-have piece of tech for almost every mobile phone user. People consider iPhone as a great gadget for social status. But believe me, iPhones are not cheap to buy. They come up with a huge price tag that not everyone can afford. It’s a fact that new iPhones come in a factory fresh condition thus providing satisfactory peace of mind. But it’s also a tested case study that refurbished iPhone if bought from a reputable and trusted seller, also guarantees a very good mobile phone with comparatively lower costs. So if you are looking to get an iPhone and want to save a good amount of money, then buying a refurbished iPhone might be a good option for you.

What is a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is generally referred to as a pre-owned iPhone that has been repaired due to a fault to re-sell it. It is to keep in mind that, all the refurbished phones and in this case, refurbished iPhones are thoroughly checked and tested before being put on sale. The tests are carried out to check whether these repaired iPhones are working 10/10 or not. The tests check out the functionalities like battery conditions, camera conditions, call & audio quality and 3G/4G connectivity and other things related to mobile phone functions.

And as far as buying a refurbished iPhone is concerned, you can always buy one for yourself from any reputable retailer or seller. In the UK, there are a lot of companies, who offer refurbished mobile phones at affordable rates. These companies sell new phones as well as refurbished phones.

Is refurbished iPhone better than the new one?

Well, brand new iPhone is always better than second-hand iPhone but there are number of reasons and situations in which we can consider to buy refurbished iPhone over a brand new one.

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Here are some reasons showing why refurbished iPhones are better than new ones.

1. Cost Saving

The most obvious reason that appeals is to have cost saving refurbished phone. Refurbished iPhones considerably have less cost as compared to their new counterparts of the same brand. If brand new mobile phone costs like 999 pounds at the same time, the same iPhone with a refurbished condition can save up to 50% or more off original pricing.

So the most obvious reason while buying a refurbished phone is PRICE. And you don’t need to worry while getting a refurbished iPhone because these cheap refurbished iPhones barely compromise on quality or performance issues. These phones are usually considered as a fit unit after being checked and tested by expert technicians. And buying a refurbished iPhone is also a good way to stick to your favourite model a bit longer, even the company launched a new model.

2. Environment-Friendly

If you want to be a part of the noteworthy and positive impact on the planet earth, try to buy a refurbished phone. There are millions of mobile phones that end up at landfills each year. These mobile phones are damaging our beautiful earth. By buying your favourite iPhone in a refurbished condition, your surrounding and environment stay cleaner and you are engaging in a form of recycling. Most people use one mobile phone for short period of time and then sell them to buy a new one. Those sold iPhones are still useable, work perfectly and serve other buyers for years to come.

3. Your iPhone, your friend

Sometimes we get so attached to our phones that we do not want to buy new ones. Let say that you love iPhone 6 and now people are using iPhone X but you find completely satisfy that you buy iPhone 6 in refurbished from just to fill the thirst of the handset. Buying a refurbished iPhone allows you to turn back the time and find your old friend anew.

4. Refurbished iPhone – Certified to be Working

A refurbished iPhone is certified to be working because it has been through the previous updates from Apple. So it is another reason to have an iPhone in your hands. In case of new iPhone, there may be some kind of uncertainty whether this new phone will work fine with the latest and newest updates from Apple or not. So buying a refurbished iPhone guarantees you a phone that is completely tested and been through the process of error, trial and improvement.

5. Like new Phones

In a lot of cases, people sell their iPhones who have had just minor dents. These iPhones are then repaired and come in the market after the thorough inspection. These iPhone are just like new but with a cheaper price, so buying this kind of iPhone is a great option for you.

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