Things You Should Know About Binary Codes

What is binary codes?

Binary is meant to be a simple kind of replacement of number and letters by their equivalent digits which happen to be 0 and 1. 0 and 1 simply means on and off. O means on and 1 means off. These digits, 0s and 1s are sometimes even put in segments or blocks of 8, which are known as byte. These 0s and 1s happen to represent the hardware in a computer system, sometimes even compared to electricity, as it has been mentioned, on and off in most of the cases.

Computer happen to compute or translate any inputted data into binary form since it only understands the language of electricity which is represented by 0 and 1. Again zero and one are represented as on and off respectively. All the alphabets, characters, numbers and variables which you happen to input into your computer systems gets converted into binary form as per the software on which your desktop or laptop runs respectively.

Binary is a system of representing various numbers, letters, sounds and GIFs in digits, specifically such as 0s and 1s. The strings or statements which consists of these binary forms of representation seems random, but, they are not.

Binary code is ultimately the most root level information upon which various computers and laptops work but sometimes this is the most crucial part which most of the tutorials don’t cover.

The binary system is known to work with a base 2 system, literally 0s and 1s. The decimal number system is said to work with a base 10 system namely- 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

This is the simplest form of code which could be computed or represented by the computer system itself. Binary could often form raw code by placing various binary sets in combination which could be read by the computer or any other piece of hardware.

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Binary happens to be the most basic structure of coding which in today’s world is measured to be the amount of data flowing through the various software and hardware materials. This smallest amount of data is known as bit and as mentioned before is represented by either a 1 or a 0. A string of these bits is placed together to form a command or a code for the computer system.

The nature of these binary codes is an interesting part to learn in today’s IT world. various kinds of programmers are working day and night to make user-oriented tech stuff, which normally would keep all forms of computer code hidden from normal users.

Binary coded decimals or BCD is an encoded form of various forms of representation of integer values of a 4-bit decimal system. In BCD system, the 4-bit values could store up to 16 digited binary values but only the first 10 digits are available and valid. The remaining 6 digits would either be in the exceptional list of the computer system or might cause unspecified behaviour.

Modern use of binary codes is as follows:

They could be used up in forming various kind of CDs and DVDs which might consist of any songs or videos. The binary code has been able to modify itself so much that now a day, even the songs and videos are converted from binary code. They are even used in telephone services and long distance communications too.

How the characters and the numbers work?

to represent the alphabetical letter A as 01000001, the computer does need several kinds of tools. The most basic of these tools is the ASCII converter chart. Without being much technical, in simple words if we speak, the ASCII chart is a kind of chart which happens to consist the number 1 to 255 within which all of the characters and alphabets in lower and upper cases, numbers (0-9), special characters and also spacebar are represented accordingly. The unique characters which is pointed out to a specific character, say for example, capital A, is used to calculate the specific eight-digit number which is known as the binary form. For the given example, the binary value of that would be 01000001.

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This method has basically two secret methods for obtaining the result. One of them is to map the ASCII value as in accordance with the chart. Step two is to create the unique eight digited number with the combination of zeroes and ones.

For the reverse process, the method to convert the binary digits of 0s and 1s to the letter, numbers or special characters could be done easily. This too consists of two methods namely; the binary is first turned into a normal number by looking up the ASCII chart provided. The converted number might lie between 1 and 255. Then the chart must be followed accordingly in order to obtain the character or number or special character.

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The binary system happens to work in a logical order. In most the examples provided you must have seen that after all the digits in the whole system consists of 1s, an extra digit is added.  This is just to ensure that various numbers and characters and alphabets get covered easily.

Binary code representing various numbers and characters are pretty basic. However, there are various methods of representing numbers and characters in the binary form and these are known as encoding.


For even a basic programmer, learning the concept of binary digits and values needs to be learnt first. This is because, learning binary digits is way too easy and could be learnt in a few days and it is also necessary to learn about them since they are the basic roots of hardware as well as software on the computer system. They are way too easy to understand which eventually initialize the understanding concept of the basic shape and size of a number or alphabet or special character represented in binary form.

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