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We are in the year 2019 and if we could sum the current structures if a sentence it would be that everything is based on the technological mediums. From the business operations to communications and even social networking each of the things is operated through technology but have you ever heard of how this has changed the world? You might have always heard of new innovations coming in the field but have you ever through what would be coming ahead based on these technologies? Well, we here have come up with a few trends that could let you know what is coming ahead as technological advancement.

  1. 5g Networks

What brings people closer becomes the ultimate needs of humans. 2g network was the first introduction to the world’s communication in terms of technology. The further progressions were made in this field and innovation brought people to be connected with each other merely in seconds. The further progressions in the field were made and 4g has introduced a couple of years ago. But was this the end of the networking and communication technology? Well, surely not. A 5g plan has already been made and the pilot project of the same will be launched by the end of this year. The 5g will make the communications to become even faster and possibly the messages would be delivered in a blink of an eye.

  1. Self-driven Vehicles

Tesla, the name of automation in the industry of automobiles has already announced that it will bring out some vehicles that will drive themselves on their own and it is expected that by the next year we would see some amazing developments in this course. Probably, we would see these vehicles being launched in 2020 but the testing of the same might be visible in the ongoing year. But have you ever thought how will it happen? Well, artificial intelligence is one of the things that you have heard around in the recent times is the actual reason behind this major development and the artificial intelligence will bring the best out of the automation to benefit the people in the world with this amazingly innovative development.

  1. The automated designing tools

If you are connected to the industry of designing you would probably know that there are already a number of developments in the course of designing. The video animation service or the logo designing has now been made easy, cost-effective and innovative. However, what is expected to come is more innovative. The use of artificial intelligence in this field is what we are expected in the coming times and we can for sure assume that this will bring the video animation service or the field of designing to a new era where people would no longer be reliant on anyone else as well as they would be able to get their logos and animated videos in absolutely no costs.

  1. Cloud Computing

Well, storage has always been a big problem when it comes to computing but this issue were solved with the idea of cloud computing. It was introduced a few years ago but now what we are about to see is just amazing. By the end of this year, it is expected that cloud computing would totally be shifted to the software and hardware would not be required by any means in the same processes. This is expected to bring better results and as per a report if this happens more than 88 percent of the entrepreneurs will take their companies on to cloud computing networks. The system thinking that cloud computing will bring in to the world will benefit the businesses in decision making course and this would be the reason behind developments in business as well.

  1. Internet of Things

IoT is already a popular concept in the world today but did you thought that it will be as it is today? Not at all. It is expected that it will also change with the coming times and it is said that internet of things in the upcoming times will bring a number of developments to the security and privacy in the technological devices and it where on one hand is expected to support the cybercriminals there on the other hand it is said that it will bring the world’s operations to have better and secured transactions in terms of business. Also, it will make the growth of security in terms of routers and other such devices.


Well, these are the expected development that could be seen in the upcoming times in the field of technology but one thing that will remain constant among this would be the innovation. Everything that will come up in the field of technology would bring something new and beneficial for sure.


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