Taking Care of your Kidneys-HealthCare Tips

Switching to a healthy diet, regularly Exercising and going for routine health checkups are some of the smaller ways by which we can keep tab of our kidneys.

Do you know there has been a rise in the number of people suffering from diabetes as well as high blood pressure? This has further resulted in more and more people suffering from kidney damage or failure.

Many people tend to ignore their kidney health and are least bothered about this organ of their body. But, it is extremely important that each one of us pay special attention to the functioning of our kidneys.

With this blog, I will list down some ways by which you can care for your kidneys. These simple steps will help your kidneys healthy throughout all the stages of your life.

Drink Enough Water:

This is one of those tips that you may be hearing since your childhood. The reason why I brought this up is that of a common misconception. Yes, drinking water helps in proper kidney functioning. But most people take this tip too seriously and end up drinking more water than required.

What I mean to say is, people tend to drink excess water thinking their kidneys would work better than usual. But it doesn’t work that way!

Drink Enough Water..just don’t overdo it.

Switch to a Healthy Diet:

Eating healthy is a solution to most of our health issues.

Kidneys are generally strong enough to tolerate all kinds of foods. But kidney issues take place due to high blood pressure and diabetes. So, in order to prevent diseases like these and ending up with a kidney problem, switch to a healthy diet.

You can go for a kidney function test and ask you a specialist for changes that you can make in your diet.

Improve your Physical Activity

Weight gain is also one of the sources of kidney problems in people across India. If you have already decided to make changes in your diet then improve your Physical Activity as well.

Working people perform less physical activities and sometimes run away from exercise. Incorporating an exercise routine is an excellent way of reducing the chances of high blood pressure and eventually kidney issues.

Doctors suggest that a little exertion for your body is good. Don’t exert it too much and strain your kidney. Limit your exercise routine and your kidneys will keep function properly.

Be aware of the medicines you take:

There are several medicines these days that lead to kidney problems.

Make sure you take only those medicines that have been presided your doctor and no medicine on your own.

There are several cases of people consuming wrong medication and damaging their kidneys.

With the growing trend of “going herbal” many people have suffered from its side effects.

Again, consult a specialist before the intake and use of any herbs.

Say No to SMOKING!

Your kidney is majorly affected when you smoke. This is because smoking leads to a blood vessel blockage. With no or less blood going down your kidney, you may suffer from a disease.

If you’re a smoker, make sure you get a diagnostic test done. In Fact, it’s high time you think of both your lungs and kidneys and eventually quit this bad habit.

If you have a family history of people suffering from High blood pressure or Diabetes, it is best you get yourself checked as well.

These diseases are generally hereditary and a test can help you know about your chances of developing it.

Your specialist will definitely hook you up for a kidney test as soon as he/she finds out that your risk of developing elevated blood pressure and diabetes are high.

What Needs to be Understood:

Often, your kidneys simply become affected by other medical conditions. The most important thing you can do to keep your kidneys safe is to take care of your body to reduce your chances of developing diseases that put a strain on your kidneys.

Your body needs care and each body organ is important. Therefore it is important that you take full care of your kidneys and do not neglect their functioning.

It won’t be wrong to say that we take them for granted. But we should stop doing that right away.

I’d like to conclude this blog by saying ” Kidney health is in your hands”; thus only you are responsible for your kidney health.

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