Summer vacation (Greece vs. Croatia)

Will the beguiling haven of Greece be your next summer destination or will it be the engulfing paradise that is the stunning country of Croatia?

Will the beguiling haven of Greece be your next summer destination or will it be the engulfing paradise that is the stunning country of Croatia? Finding an answer to that question can seem an almost impossible task as both are blessed with fairytale beaches and long records of enthralling history and architecture. Nonetheless, here’s a look at both sides of the coin for either country.

Accommodation, food and other expenses

If you’re hard pressed for cash, then Croatia is the right place a summer vacation as, on average, you spend up to half the amount you’d spend in Greece for a trip lasting the same amount time with other factors constant. For instance, daily spending on food will set you back about 19 euros in Croatia while in Greece you’ll top up 8 euros for the same menu. Accommodation is also cheaper on the Dalmatian coast with 37 euros being the daily spending while the very same set up will cost 54 euros in Greece. In a nutshell, daily spending in Greece adds up to 108 euros while in Croatia that sum sits at roughly 67 euros.

The Coastline showdown

It’s hard to pick out a winner with regards to island and coastal prowess but Greece has more islands than Croatia totaling up to over 6000 land masses compared to the latter’s 1200. These islands are finished off with white sandy beaches surrounded by dramatic cliffs that are great for jumping. Croatia is still nonetheless imbued with a stunning coastline and beautiful waters full of hidden treasures that can be explored by renting a yacht and sailing the vast beyond. Its authentic islands not only hold beautiful features and sea life but are also buzzing with water sports which are in limited availability in the Greek islands. Nevertheless, the Greek waters are also a joy to sail in because they have more places to visit.

Agrotourism and cuisine

If you’re into agrotourism, then Greece has much to offer with Crete brimming with all sorts of plant life courtesy of the good soil of the place that has been hailed as the birthplace of the Greek god Zeus. Croatia is also no slouch in this regard as there are little gems of agriculture havens throughout the country but Greece just gets the slight edge on this one though both countries rank highly in the best food category in Europe. When it comes to authentic wine though, the tables are completely turned.


Croatia is one of the most stable and safest countries in the region and it has been so for years. You can traverse night parties at the dead of night or walk the sandy beaches before the crack of dawn without worrying about getting mugged. Greece is also a commendably safe country but the political climate in the country has been looming with tension because of the severed relationship between the state and its citizens.

Architecture and history

Greece no doubt has the larger share of this pie as it is littered with many monuments and structures from essential chapters in history but it is Croatia that comes out the victor on the architectural front. The country’s old towns are rife with buildings from the golden ages which are much well preserved compared to Greece where these structures have fallen into ruin. In terms of history though, few cities in the world can hold a candle to Greece, Croatia included, making it the perfect place for history lovers.

Greece or Croatia, what will it be? It’s a tough decision. While both countries have plenty to offer from breathtaking views to intriguing ancient history, Croatia proves the better destination if you’re working with a limited budget. If money is not a factor though, this dilemma is almost unsolvable and the right answer to that question appears to be both.

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