How style has changed over the years!

Style has been changing in our world ever since clothes were invented. The various events in the history have been influencing the way people dress for a long time.

Style has been changing in our world ever since clothes were invented. The various events in the history have been influencing the way people dress for a long time. Some styles have stayed so popular that they have overcome the challenge of time and maintained to stay over the years. Minor changes might have been brought into the main style as we evolved into a modern society, yet the basic style remains the same. There are other styles too which become popular quite unexpectedly and also go out of style after a short period of time. These styles are not used again after the brief popular period they have.

Though fashion trends have been changing year after year, yet people should wear those clothes in which they are comfortable in. The clothes of a person should reflect the personality of that person and not be forced due to the fashion trends set by the society. People should wear clothes according to their tastes.

Changes in trends

  • The first thing that we are going to talk about is women dresses and skirts. Earlier the hemline of skirts and dresses were quite low. But with time the hemline started rising and the waist line got lowered to the hip. Previously the hemline of the skirt was kept below the knee level as it was considered to be a modest look. The conservative approach was removed as time passed. As Hollywood icons become more and more popular, the fashion trends again changed. Gowns with bias-cuts and accents were favoured. The dresses were made in a variety of fabrics like chiffon and velvet. Dresses became immensely popular and came in a number of styles. A-line, skater, bodycon, etc. are available in the market nowadays for women to choose the type they want to wear.
  • Shirts, tops, and blouses are the next thing to discuss. During the early 18th century, jumper blouses became very popular. These blouses used to fashion a sailor collar and were either made of cotton or silk. They could be paired with skirts and a belt would be worn around the waist. Next low cut V-neck shirts became popular. They were worn along with a chemisette to promote modesty. Round neck styled and sleeveless styled shirts and blouses came later on. Turtlenecks, boat-neck tops have become extremely famous recently. The most recent style is oversized tops. But these were known to be popular in the 80s and 90s as well.
  • Accessories have also experienced a lot of change over the decades. Jewellery of different forms has been popular in the past and they are still popular among all women. Hats were a style statement of the upper class women in the early days. They would wear elaborate hats which were often quite big in size. The handbags and purses that women carry have also changed over the ages. The hats and bags have enlarged and shrunk in size over as the tie passed. Now both types are popular among women when paired with the right outfit.

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