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Roughly 1 year ago, in a fine day suddenly we Indians find ourselves in a peculiar mess as because of sudden withdrawal of the value of all 500 and 1000 notes. The aftermath of this decision is something which we enjoyed thoroughly and quite horribly. 

But there is something on what we really laughed at. The sudden discoveries of the stashed cash by the woman brigade (more properly the housewives brigade of our country). It was a great fun and quite tickling that time to know, from where our “Saree/Salwar brigade” in our home are taking out those stashed cashes. Their embarrassed and squabby faces of them during sthat surrender time make us feel manly enough to be capable of trapping them red handed.

But, according to a current survey on 83 countries across the World, UN confirmed that women at home “do 2.6 times as much unpaid care and domestic work as men”.

In my society, I have heard the male fraternity usually jeers at the homemakers female folks to be absolute lazy, less physical input giver in comparison to their labour at their workplace and obviously an efficient stasher of their hard-earned money. 

I don’t think that this scenario is much different in other countries too. But have we ever tried to find out the most possible and rough amount a home-makers should be given according to her never-ending working hour and multitasking skills?  

Have we ever tried to appreciate them for their sincere input? 

No. We never tried this, rather we are just here to mock people for their wrong-doings. 

I think now it is the high time to give it a thought so that we can put a step forward towards a well-thought society that knows how to pay a right price to a useful though disguised labour. Then only we can understand that those stashed amount is too little in comparison to their due salaries that we have stocked without paying them a penny. 

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  1. I think women are great in may ways! Some working women have to work from 9-5pm and then still taking care of the household, pretty amazing. Also, I find women tolerance level are quite high too. They can multi task and attend to many things at once.

  2. Its a real shame that woman are seen in this way still in this day and age. Being a homemaker is very hard work indeed.

  3. Women are amazing, we can do it all…lol. While we can handle so much it is often overlooked simply because of our gender, but while society Men & Women) holds that over us we just continue on our way.

  4. In my home country (Argentina, in South america), which is a rather poor country, a previous governement decided to give a retirement pension to all stay-at-home wives who reached age 65, for their service to the community (including growing and nourishing the new generation of children, educating them with good values, keeping a clean domestic environment helping in this way with public sanitary conditions, etc). Now I live in a so called “rich” country, Switzerland. Here, stay-at-home wives are less than nothing. They have no right to any kind of social allocation or benefit, unless his husband pays for it. This puts women in a subordinated place. A woman that decides to spend her energy in giving birth, caring, growing, educating children, the future generation, is nobody and DEPENDS ON a man to have a social status or even proper sanitary care. I am talking about one of the richest country in the world.
    What does this produce? Women go out to work, otherwise they are nobody. That means families have only one child, or two at most, which makes a very old population, which is very bad for future economy of the Country!

  5. This is really sad that woman are seen this exact way,,, why?! It’s really high time for us to change this thinking, we can DO ANYTHING! Women are amazing!

  6. This is true. Sometimes in relationships the person that stays home with the kids or does most of the house work isn’t as appreciated as they should be. Imagine how much society would change if the government started paying parents that stayed home with their kids and took care of the house.

  7. I appreciated ur concern about our mothers nd housewives. They r most beautiful things happened to us. Do we have to respect nd understand them. Without them I think nothing is possible in our life. They r like backbone fr our everything that we have achieved in our life. So we have to appreciate nd help them. I personally help my mom in my free time. I really enjoying that time with my mother.

  8. While women may do more domestic work, 98% of military casualties are male. In that recent blast killing 40 Jawans in JK all of them were male, while their female relatives were safe at home. Would you rather be killed in a terrorist attack or safe at home? Actually both are needed and valued. Those men died to protect those women working in their homes. So who is under valued? This type of article is just feminist rhetoric ment to create hatred between the sexes.

  9. Our respected Jawans we’re saving the whole nation and each and every single person living in our country. They are not only saving the women. The second point is who said you that women doesn’t take up army job? I am not discriminating between anybody but saying the thing which got approved from UN itself.So, it’s always better to take aside the mysoginist mentality before commenting. Not every women is enjoying the safe heaven of home kind of atmosphere.

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