How to make a Business Plan for a Web Agency

In recent years there has undoubtedly been the rise of Web Agency, thanks to the significant growth of e-commerce. This is why it is increasingly important that Web agencies, so that they can maintain success, set objectives, forecast costs and prospect future revenues. This analysis of investment factors, risks and earnings in economic terms is called the Business Plan. How to make a business plan? The Business Plan is an “organized” and integrated set of techniques from various management areas and is prepared in a document format in which the information gathered and the results of the analyses are summarized.

Why is it so important to have a Business Plan?

The answers are numerous, but the main one is that there cannot be a business that is not planned. Who does not plan, imputes corporate events to chance and not the ability to predict and analyze successes and failures.

That’s why to be successful you have to have clear ideas and know what your goals to achieve are, just so you can get good results. Knowing why you are working or doing certain actions is an indication of motivation and effectiveness. Another reason that highlights the importance of a business plan is its ability to highlight the flaws of a business project, showing you clearly the weaknesses of your business model.

The Business Plan allows you to motivate and guide members or collaborators towards that exact goal, following the philosophy you have set and synergistically combining the strengths of all your resources in order to achieve the goals set. A good Business Plan also allows you to find other members or third-party lenders much easier to realize your business project and establish partnerships with entrepreneurs from your own sector or other parallel sectors.

Moreover, the creation of a custom business whiteboard video animation or agency plan makes you understand if the idea you are working on makes sense or not. Evaluating specifically the economic advantages and disadvantages, the risks and all that can happen, you can concretely evaluate whether it is worthwhile or not to continue towards the direction you have set.

Through the Business Plan you can in fact evaluate all the risks, both economic and not, protecting the success of the project.

How to make a business plan and who writes it

The first person involved in drafting a Business Plan is the entrepreneur. Who better than him, who is the focus of the process, can describe his idea in detail? Then follows the management or the other collaborators that with their involvement can guarantee a detailed analysis of the data and a more specific preparation in different fields. Therefore, other consultants can be involved, able to provide an analysis or a judgment on specific aspects (marketing, financing, technologies, know-how, etc. …). Finally, there is the accountant consultant of the company that summarizes and coordinates the data selection processes and deals with the merely quantitative aspects and the tabular part of the Business Plan (economic and financial aspects, analysis of cash flows, budgets and forecasts, etc. …).

So, how to make a business plan? It is good that this document consists of two parts:

  • A descriptive part, which introduces the business idea, the history of the company and its members, the people involved, the analysis of the reference markets
  • A tabular part, which contains the economic and financial data, such as the forecast profit and loss account, the financial plan and the balance sheet

Regarding the form, an effective Business Plan must be written in a clear and concise manner, always specifying (where possible) the source of the data reported in the document. We need to make use of tables and tables that allow us to have an overview of the data we want to communicate and, finally, we need to prepare a general summary of the various sections covered. The pivotal points to be treated in the plan are:

  • Analysis of the sector
  • Mission
  • Objectives of the business
  • Objectives of the project
  • Added value for customers
  • Business model

So, when you edit your plan, check that there are these points and already a part of the game will be done.

A Business Plan also serves you if you want to open a Web Agency: to plan costs and put the right resources in place

The Web Agency offers abstract and virtual services, for the selection of which it is necessary to calculate in advance the cost and the opportunity cost, through the analysis of the relationship between supply and demand and the drafting of a Business Plan.

Starting this type of activity involves a relative initial investment:

  • To the bureaucratic process necessary to open a society
  • The purchase of computers and software necessary for carrying out the activity
  • To connect to the Internet
  • To advertising to attract customers
  • To training courses to increase know-how
  • To rent or purchase a room in which to perform the activity (if you opt for the physical location)

In addition, costs must be incurred to remunerate the professional figures necessary for carrying out the activity. Therefore costs can be compared to those that must be incurred to open any type of activity.

What figures do you need to make your Web Agency Successful?

Web agencies, usually, are made up of a team of web experts with specific skills in the various services offered. Fundamental is the Project Manager or Web Manager, i.e. the project manager, who coordinates the resources and is a consultant. The team is also composed of the Copywriter, which deals with the drafting of texts; of the Web Designer, who takes care of the design of the site as a whole; of an SEO Expert who manages the placement; of a Graphic, which takes care of the visual aspect; of the Webmaster, who manages the site taking care of the whole and, finally, of a Programmer which manages the programming and the codes. Each of these figures integrates his work with the others, in this way we can offer a service that is as valid as possible.

Of course not all these figures must necessarily be internal forces, especially for small businesses that start with the synergy of a few experts, and therefore without major access to credit or venture capital: many of these activities can be covered by external collaborations with figures freelance.

And now … how to attract customers?

In order to carry on an agency that generates profits, it is essential to find potential clients that will allow the agency to establish itself and advertise itself. A valid marketing campaign will make this easier. In order to attract customers, it is essential to include all contact information on its website. The promotion is fundamental and can be done through telemarketing services, email marketing services, or by offering advantageous and attractive packages and promotions. Customers will better evaluate the agencies that will transmit reliability, reliability and competence.

With this article we have explained how to make a Business Plan for your Web Agency and, if you have not already done so, we suggest you to prepare one immediately. Our advice? If you want to open a Web agency or any other business, spend a lot of time preparing your plan. It will not be wasted time, but hours invested to make your digital business more and more successful.

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