Learn To Choose Heels for Each Type of Dress

Choosing what to wear, we do not always think about the compatibility of clothes and shoes.

Choosing what to wear, we do not always think about the compatibility of clothes and shoes. For example, we take outfits and shoes that we like very much; they seem to us the most beautiful. But then it turns out that they are not very in tune with each other. Of course, it is important not to allow this. In particular, you need to be able to pick up shoes for each type of clothing. In other words, the question is: “Which heels are suitable for each type of clothing?”

Undoubtedly, each type of clothing requires a corresponding type of shoe.  For example, wearing a tracksuit, we wear sneakers or sneakers on our feet. Especially if we are going to play sports.

When we choose a dress, we, as a rule, think about what shoes fit it. I mean, with some heels. After all, it is no secret that in some outfits we look much better when we wear high heels. They make us more stylish, and even higher, of course. 

But it is important to remember that such shoes are not suitable for every type of clothing. And not all women can afford to wear high heels.

Everyone has a different physique, a different figure.

Heels on shoes should be such that we feel comfortable. And, of course, so that our legs look beautiful in it.  And, of course, you should always remember about the rules of decency, about where we are going to go in this shoe. And also do not forget what season and what the weather outside.

In general, shoes, like clothes, should be appropriate to the situation. Of course, this also applies to heels. Let’s talk about this in more detail. You might interested to read about latest hairstyles for girls.

Heels for every type of dress

Long Dresses

Since in this case the legs are completely closed, it is necessary that at least partially the feet are visible.  And it’s not just “flirty.” This is necessary in order to somehow interrupt the continuous “flow” of the fabric so that the “column effect” that the designers are talking about does not arise.

Heels that are recommended in this case:

  • If you do not really like shoes with heels, you can choose open sandals on the platform. This will help you not to step on the edge of the dress.
  • If the fabric of the dress has a pattern, it is desirable that the shoes be one-color. If not, there should be some shiny detail or ornament on the sandals or shoes.
  • For a festive, ball gown best suited shoes with thin heels.  They give our side elegance.
  • If you have voluminous shins, it is not recommended to wear shoes or sandals with straps that wrap around your ankle or shin.
  • And of course, shoes without heels do not go to a long dress.

Short dresses and skirts

This type of clothing gives us more opportunities. There are different types and models of shoes that are in harmony with short dresses and skirts. But, just as in the case of long dresses, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of your figure and body, the shape of the legs and, of course, the length of the skirt or dress. Check awesome styling ideas with black jeans you should try.

Heels that are recommended in this case:

  • Nice and high heels. Generally speaking, heels visually lengthen legs. Thanks to them, our figure and the outfit that we wear look better.
  • Heel thickness can be varied. A wider heel will help our along to match the casual style.
  • Thanks to the platform, the dress looks more relaxed and lush.
  • Closed-heeled shoes are suitable for more fitting dresses. What is called – “heels?”
  • The so-called “Chinese heel” is also suitable for short dresses.
  • And, at last, “a cone-shaped heel” suits. It resembles an inverted cone, beveled behind.

Asymmetrical dresses

These dresses, short in front and long in the back, look great with nice sandals. In this combination, the legs look very advantageous. And it is suitable for women of different heights.

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Heels that are recommended in this case:

  • Sandals with a Chinese heel.
  • Shoes on a platform of lightweight materials.
  • Sandals on a high and thin heel.

Midi dresses

The beauty of this type of dress is that they allow you to show legs, but not too, so to speak, frankly. The edge of the dress is between the lower leg and the knee. Such dresses are worn often, and in both formal and informal situations.

Heels that are recommended in this case:

  • Studs. These are shoes with a pointed nose and high and thin heels. They help us look stylish.
  • It is comfortable to walk on the platforms, and they perfectly fit the casual style.
  • In informal “events” it is quite possible to afford a low heel.
  • In high boots with thin heels you will look very sexy.

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