How to build a long term relationship?

We often meet people in our life who make silly mistakes to ruin their relationships. These are often insignificant reasons that go on to become severe life issues

We often meet people in our life who make silly mistakes to ruin their relationships. These are often insignificant reasons that go on to become severe issues in life and what we attain at the end is- emptiness and loneliness. If you are going through a rough patch in your life or if you are going to get hitched in a new relationship and want it to be a long term relationship of fulfilment and love, then you need to know one thing at most- learn to settle down on your desire and stability.

In this article we bring about some of the most important aspects that you need to be careful about in relationships:

– Be truthful and honest:

As we discussed above that we need to work upon our own desire and stability. It means we need to discuss with our partners all about our health, priorities, emotions and past and present records. There should be nothing hidden among two people who are willing to get bound in long term relationships. The more you discuss, the stronger is the bond. And this discussion has to become a lifelong practice.

There may be times when you will hesitate to share certain things with your partner, but be firm and ready to bear the consequences no matter what- especially if the matter concerns your partner. Your honesty and truthfulness can be the real saviours.

– Experience control:

When you are committed to someone, you need to stop looking for earnest desires outside of your relationships. It refers to experiencing control on your desires. If you experience difficulty in doing so- learn the art to keep telling yourself ‘what is it that matters the most’. When you will learn this, you will learn control. Relationships are nothing but our commitments to the other person in our life. Just like the professional relationships where we sign bonds, there are unwritten laws in personal relationships that need to be followed. Experiencing control in desire and stability is the key of sustaining longer term relationships.

– Learn to give space:

Just like we said in the beginning- the people should discuss about their needs with each other. You can frankly discuss with your partner about the need to give space to each other. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you forget about your individuality and own identity. Every person has to find their comfort and security in relationships but the ultimate path of life has to be dealt with your own karmas and actions. Therefore, give space to your partner and seek it by saying if you are not already getting it.

You cannot have a fulfilling relationship if you feel bound and supervised every time especially at home.

– Set goals and benchmarks in life:

Just like practicing running, life is also said to be a race only. However, we can run at our own pace. Discuss with your partner about what you expect of your life in future. You can set benchmarks together and work upon them. It will be rather easier for you to plan the things considerably. There can be career goals for both of you as well as the personal goals. If you want to buy a house, own a vehicle, have a baby, take up some course, travel etc. Discuss with your partner and fulfil them together. There is no joy in life better than working on to achieving the same goals together in life. Partners understand each other in the best way and develop great bonding when they accomplish tasks together.

– Be firm with your commitments:
We often make long term commitments in a relationship when we just enter the bond. However, with the pace of time not only our chemistry starts changing but our view point towards the commitments also alters. This can be very unhealthy practice for any relationship. You need to be honest and truthful about your commitments. Remind yourself continuously about the base of your relationship because it the foundation that you stand on! Make it strong, firm and long lasting by nurturing it with honesty and dedication.

– Hold on to each other through difficult times

Every kind of relationship goes through turmoil of ups and downs in life. While some people hold on tight to each other through the low phase there are others who rift apart. It all depends on your inner strength and capability of being able to deal with different situations. If you experience difference in opinions with your partner, try to sit and talk about it. If mutual talking doesn’t look like thing to do, then it is the best to let the phase pass. With time and patience you allow the other person to do some introspection and make yourself understand the need to respect the viewpoint of your partner. Amidst all, remember that when a rough patch hits the life and you get into problematic situation- it does not have to be you and your partner against each other- it should be you and your partner against the problem- together.

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