Home remedies to detoxify your body of pollution and junk food

Detoxification – the word itself can be so soothing and satisfying. More to it, it is an all-important way to cleanse and free the body of harmful toxins, pollutants and unwanted wastes that accumulates in our body causing numerous health hazards.

Environmental pollution, excessive consumption of junk and unhealthy foods like the refined and processed ones causes our body to accumulate harmful elements and toxins within. While a human body has the capability of cleansing these wastes by itself through the liver regularly, it is important that we support the functionality of our organ externally in regular intervals for a healthy gut, glowing skin and healthy body at all times.

Detoxification is necessary if we really want to live healthy and live long. It helps in protecting us from some serious health issues in future. It is more of a natural remedy for a positive lifestyle change and hat could be better than doing it at home ourselves.

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Let’s look at few of the many ways which we can adopt at home for detoxifying our body:


  • Smoothies the green way

This detox drink is not only delicious but is also highly nutritious at the same time. Smoothies made using leafy greens like kale and spinach with some green and other vegetables like cucumber, beetroot, carrots, apples and strawberries adds a quantum of antioxidants into our body. It not only will boost the body’s immune system but will also help in clearing our debris and unwanted toxic wastes. Try it for breakfast or as an evening drink, it is meant to do good only.


  • Use the lemons at home

Juice of lemons are very powerful alkalizer and detoxifier. It not only stimulates the body’s mineral absorption and intake but also propagates the liver’s bile production. Studies show that regular intake of lemon juice has been beneficial in weight and fat loss and also considerable reduction in body fat in the long run. It has great detox effects on our body and its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants helps strengthen our immune system. Have it plain with some luke warm water or you can add some homey and pepper for a proper detox drink.


  • Replace your coffee with green tea

Green tea is a great aid in detoxifying free radicals. Rich in numerous antioxidants, it has the unique capability of protecting our liver from the effects of continuous toxic attacks. It helps repair or DNA and stimulates inflammation in the body. It has been observed that regular consumption of green tea can be very effective in improving the body’s metabolism process, controlling hair fall and helps in weight loss.


  • Go for a fruits and veggies meal for a day or two

You may call it a way of fasting, going in for only fruits and veggies for a day or two instead of heavy meals is a great way to support our digestive system with the much needed break or rest it requires. It aids the digestive system to rejuvenate and relax and also promotes a good gut heath, making us feel light and relaxed.


  • Get an Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt have magnesium and it helps increasing the levels of the mineral in our body. Magnesium is the much needed mineral for our cells to detoxify and it also aids in detoxifying or removing other metal concentrations from our body. It helps boosting immunity also provides a great relief from many body aches and pains. Just add some Epson salt in warm water in our bath tub and dip yourself in for at least three times in a week. But precautions is needed to be administered for people with high blood pressure and any heart ailments.

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One of the most effective and best ways to detox your body is to eat fresh and eat clean. Now, that you know some of the most easiest and effective ways to detox at home, you should let of your body of harmful toxins, pollutants and chemicals hassle free.

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Dietitian Sheela Seharawat
In the world of health and nutrition dietician Sheela Seharawat is a well known name. Along with her master’s degree in food & nutrition she also holds benevolence and dedication in her character. She has been practicing since 2006 and a registered dietician under IDA. She is among the founding members of the Diet Clinic which has presently more than 35 outlets running successfully all over the country. Prior to her individual practice, she remained associated as a dietician with Indian Army hospital for a Short time. Her revered motto is “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU.”

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