Here’s How Cable of Deadpool 2 Is Connected To Another Major X-Men Movie!!!

The guy we know as Cable is played by the talented Josh Brolin in Deadpool 2. In the comics, Cable belonged to a future where the mutants are being hunted down by an army of hyper-intelligent androids called the sentinels, whose sole reason to exist is to hunt down mutants. In Cable’s future, the mutant-sentinel war has taken its toll on the planet and the world suffers because of it every day.

The movie shows us Cable saying that the planet has been “F*cked into a coma” which basically means a bleak and dystopian future where the mutant-sentinel war rages on. The glimpses we had of the future timeline in Deadpool 2 didn’t show us much but they showed us enough. The flying robots and the dark skies point to one thing. Cable is part of the timeline of yet another X-Men movie. Want to know how? Here’s how Cable of Deadpool 2 is connected to another major X-Men movie!!!

The movie Deadpool and Deadpool 2 have treaded carefully when it comes to mixing up their timelines with the other movies. Deadpool is within the larger X-Men universe but only in a theoretical sense. The most connection the Deadpool franchise has with the X-Men movies of Fox Studios is limited to quirky one-liners about the Producers not being able to rope in more actors, awesome references and short cameos by the concerned actors in the movie. But that was it.

Deadpool shows us the X-Mansion but not the X-Men. That cameo wasn’t enough. The fans wanted more and with the addition of Cable, we thought we had it. We couldn’t be so wrong. But the future still holds promise for the Merc with a mouth.

The similarities between Deadpool 2’s future timeline that Cable hails from and the future timeline the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie showed us are quite similar, aesthetically and practically. If you think it logically, you will surely get it. Cable belongs to a race of mutant mercenaries in the comic books that travel the timeline to right the wrongs done in the mutant-sentinel war. The Sentinels were created because of dangerous mutants like Firefist taking the law into their own hands.

The movie did show us Firefist is a known and wanted fugitive in the future who enjoys killing. Maybe it was his actions that spurred the Humans to bring the Sentinel program online. What happens next is what we see. The Sentinels take over the Earth and rule the planet with an Iron Fist. The Mutants are scattered away. When Cable says the planet is now in a coma, this is probably what he meant.

Deadpool 2’s connection to the Days of Future past movie are certainly going to make things complicated. The Sentinels have been used sparingly until now in the Fox Studios movies. The TV Show Gifted showed us their latest incarnation and that too was modified. There’s a reason the Deadpool sequel did not show us any sentinels as that would have screwed up the sanctity the Deadpool franchise has achieved by staying away from the abysmally evil X-Men movies.

What the Studio is basically trying to say is that Cable does belong to X-Men: Days of Future Past but don’t even for a second think that we are going to get more than this. The Studio has taken the right decision. Showing us that Cable belongs to the last X-Men movie Hugh Jackman was a part of means pretty good news for us Mutant fans.

deadpool 2 cable x-men

At the end of the movie, Cable decides to stay behind and stop whatever happened in the past that screwed up the planet from ever happening. Will this affect the future timeline? It most definitely will. But will it affect his relationship with his daughter and wife? That is something we have to wait and find out on our own. When the next movie in the Deadpool franchise hits the screens, we will have an answer. The connection to the other movies is pretty neat but we need more. Whether it is Deadpool 3 or the X-Force movie that finally gives us the piñata to hit, all we shall say is that all good things come to those who wait.

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