Heal and Balance your Chakras

In this article we will provide you a slight idea of how you can initiate the methodology of healing your chakras. Before we start, it is important that you know you

The Mindvalley academy preaches the science of healing and attaining the balance in life through Chakras. They have video tutorials for their students who want to learn the practice of healing through the chakras. Their blog about the healing of chakras impart complete knowledge on the presence of 7 main chakras in the body, their positioning and their karmic effects in our lives. If you want to know the chakras, just login to the mind valley academy blog to get detailed knowledge on the topic.

In this article we will provide you a slight idea of how you can initiate the methodology of healing your chakras. Before we start, it is important that you know your chakras by their names. The following are the seven most important chakras that exist in our body system from head to toe:

•Root Chakra,
•Sacral Chakra,
•Solar Plexus Chakra,
•Heart Chakra,
•Throat Chakra,
•Third Eye Chakra,
•Crown Chakra.

A few methodologies are adopted to heal the chakras. Let us discuss them in brief here:

1.Chakra meditation:
Chakra meditation inculcates healing from 2 directions:
When the focus is on the cause: The cause of the problem has to be addressed and dealt with. The meditation helps in bringing attention to self leading to a state of complete awareness.

When the focus is on the effect: The effect which has been implicated due to a particular problem has to be eased with the help of meditation. The feelings of isolation and aloofness are enlightened through several forms of meditation such as well being boat, white chakra meditation and inner vision meditation.

Another method of healing and balancing the chakras is through affirmations.
It is considered one of the commanding tools to inculcate the process of healing. These are the forms of positive statements associated with strengthening the position and healing of each associated chakra. One needs to know the chakras in order to learn the affirmations and their usage. The affirmations help in laying the focus on various aspects at the same time. It implies the entry of various positive thoughts in one’s mind and thereby bringing positive changes in life.

What cannot be healed through the right massaging technique! From body pain to mental agonies, massage is useful in healing various disorders in our lives. Chakra healing is also done through proper massaging techniques. Each and every chakra in our body is associated with given parts of our bodies. For example- The Root Chakra is associated with gluteus muscles, legs and feet. Massaging these parts encourages the healing of prana. Similarly there are other chakras. When you know the chakras and their existence, massaging can heal those chakras and bring relief in that area of the body.

4.The Colour Vibrations:
Many people do not know that various colours in our lives have varying effects on our moods, energies and behaviours. These colours emit vibrations that play effectual roles in healing our conditions as well. In order to bring balance in the various chakras and their positioning in our lives, our body is exposed to several colours for a qualitative period of time. We need to absorb the vibrations from those colours and let our chakras get healed with colour therapy.

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