The Great Indian Wedding

Hi, vidlyfers, I feel much regret for such unintentional delay since my first post. Actually this time I was looking for a topic with which everyone can relate their own life and expectations. “Marriage” can be considered one of such expectations. Admit it or not everybody has planned something special for their big day.
But, there are lots of other things which play their unnecessary role in our big day preparation and memories. Being an Indian, I can easily pick some of them from my own personal experience and it is needless to mention that those unnecessary pranks are played by some people of creepy thoughts of our society. Let me explain few of those for you peeps. 

Growing Interest: First up all, if you are now at your twenties then you must have experienced the extent of tension your neighboring uncles and aunties are taking to think of your marriage. ? And you people are so damn insensible and silly that you often think they are pocking their blunt nose in your personal life.
But no, try to understand, they are just trying to put your life on the right track so that it can have been controlled easily by their creepy comments.:-P
That ultra-active period: So, they sometimes become super-active to know about your love-interest and if there is anyone in your life then it is their social right to know it before your parents so that some “Gupsup” (gossip) on that topic can be done with their fellow community members. ? So, simple demands they are putting in front of you. But such kind of discussion often ends with some appraisal of their own kids, who can be found at any amusement park with their partners, but believed to be single by their parents. Lol, poor fellows. ?
Post-wedding gossips: It is the story of the pre-wedding gossips of those “social clan” and our great Indian marriage is never complete without more hullabaloo. ? There will be some obvious research works on the grams of gold worn by the bride, the quality of chicken used to prepare chicken rezala, the number of guests came from groom’s family and may be even the quality of the Saree worn by the groom’s grandmom. LOL!!
I will never be surprised if someday I hear them to do propaganda over the number and quality of the cardamoms used to prepare biriyani in main-course. ? So, it is always an untold truth in every great Indian wedding that it is not just the marriage of two people or connection between two families. It is a topic to do research-work and getting doctorate for some committed neighboring uncles and aunties. ROFL!! ? ?

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  1. I totally agree with you that Indian wedding is not the union of two people but two entire family. And Big Fat Indian weddings are crazy and larger than lives!

  2. I almost married an Indian guy when I was 18. He was telling me how the wedding wasn’t just a 1 day and done thing. He told me it can be upto 1-2 weeks depending on what part of India and family status. I don’t know if it’s the same, this was like 20 yrs ago, I’m guessing traditions don’t change too much.

  3. I have always found Indian weddings a bit fascinating. It seems like so much goes into them.

  4. This is such cute post, I can totally relate to all the gossips and happenings in Indian wedding. It is a union of two entire families indeed. Gossips are such an important part of the wedding, you start enjoying it and look forward to the weddings for all the fun talk you will do with the relatives. And at the end of the wedding, you miss being together and talking all the stuff again, and then start looking forward to the next family wedding.

  5. Ya. I second you … ? Sometimes it’s great to share those moments with your near and dear ones..Thank you for loving my post.. ?

  6. Wow. It is lovely to hear that you want to experience the flavour of Indian wedding. I wish you will get the chance very soon… ☺

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