Explore Reasons & Ways to Use Instagram for Furthering Your Career as a Graphic Designer

Moreover, you can no longer treat Instagram as only a photo-sharing app; Instagram is today regarded as one of the most powerful and effective business builders.

Social media sites seem to have achieved phenomenal growth and popularity. If statistics were to be believed, in a recent Hashoff study, it was revealed that over 87 percent of influencers voted for Instagram as the number one social media platform for 2018 as discussed onhttps://www.forbes.com.So Instagram is the right place to pursue your career as a freelance graphic designer or boost your graphic design startup business. This is a powerful platform for showcasing and selling your creative work and you must harness the full potential of this versatile social media platform. Simply by sharing high-quality visuals and images, you could grab the attention of and impress millions of Instagrammers who may become your followers on this robust marketing platform.

Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio, the world-famous Hollywood actor bought a brilliant work of art that he came across on Instagram. You could share your masterpieces too and flaunt your creativity, excellence, and proficiency in graphic designing skills. You may simply want to enhance your online presence as a graphic designer or you may be thinking of starting right from scratch as an intern or a freelancer via Instagram, you could effectively sell your poster or logo design skills here. Here are some of the top reasons why you must include Instagram as an active partner in your quest for a successful career as a graphic designer. “Branding you and networking are the two most efficient ways in which Instagram can help you navigate your career path. While it should not be the only way you choose to internship hunt, there are simple, effective ways that you can customize your account to grab the attention of potential employers and supplement your other efforts” as presented by https://www.huffingtonpost.com.

Most Rapidly Growing Social Networking Site

Introduced as an exclusive photo-sharing social media platform in 2010 today, Instagram has over one billion monthly active users. The primarily mobile platform is the way to go for Millennials, and of course, currently for Generation Z. Moreover, you can no longer treat Instagram as only a photo-sharing app; Instagram is today regarded as one of the most powerful and effective business builders. Thanks to the incredible power of smartphones today, Instagram has become the ultimate destination for some stunning and carefully curated pictures that demonstrate the most fascinating and unique aspects of somebody’s life.

Instagram Is the Right Platform for Boosting the Career Prospects of Graphic Designers

Instagram is often described by experts as a visual smorgasbord. This is a truly valuable and versatile platform for young and budding graphic designers for building an audience. If you use the platform in the right way, you could build a robust account on Instagram that could put you on the map as a graphic designer and garner some important clients. However, you could steal the attention of your clients only if you strive to stand out from the rest in terms of your creative works of art.

Remember authenticity is the key to uniqueness in designs. You have to learn the balancing act well and achieve the right balance between your concerted endeavors at promotion and growth with an authentic story. Graphic designers who are trying to achieve a stronghold on this career must make the greatest use of this powerful platform but without going overboard and without treading into the excessively promotional territory. If you possess a robust sense of style, you could make your attempt to focus on authenticity look quite effortless and seamless.

Consistency is the Key

You could attract several clients provided you focus on delivering a consistent message on the platform. You could build brand awareness thanks to the consistency of thoughts. Your fans and followers would like to see more of your works of art and design if your account is perpetually consistent. Once your account gets the stamp of consistency, your followers would instantaneously know that it is your post even before they could see your name. In this context, if you are looking for boosting your fan following on Instagram, you may visit https://gramblast.com/ for perfect solutions. Here are some important tips for advancing your graphic design career on Instagram.

Your Instagram Profile Must Look Professional

You must project your sense of professionalism and serious intent to the Instagrammers by making your profile look very crisp and professional. Your followers would constantly grow over time provided you post quality videos and pictures and flaunt your creative side relevant to your graphic designing. You may seek assistance from certain Instagram analytics tools to find out what are the best or worst times to post. One huge advantage of Instagram over other social media platforms from the point of view of promoting and boosting your career is the ‘Instagram Stories’ feature. You simply need to add a hyperlink to the amazing Instagram Stories once you have over 10,000 followers.

Variety Is Surely the Spice

You need to be consistent in your thoughts but that does not mean that you would go on posting the same sort of images or videos. If you go on using the same types, your target audience would get really exasperated, and bored. Moreover, you cannot show your versatility, your range of thoughts and creative skills if you restrict yourself to one type of posts. That would make your posts seem repetitive and drab. You must consider changing the pictures quite frequently. Share unique and new content that would speak volumes about your expertise and knowledge in the field.

Consider Experimenting

You could use various career advancing techniques on this platform but not all of them would be reaping benefits. So you need to keep experimenting to see what all actually works to your advantage. You must keep monitoring how a new technique is faring in the long run. Suppose you have posted some authentic pictures of the specific logo design process, you must keep track of how many people liked it or posted comments on it.


When you are seeking graphic design inspiration or simply staying relevant with the most recent graphics designing trends, you must surely appreciate the fact that Instagram is the undisputed #1 social media platform. Follow some of these tips for growing or boosting your career in graphic design.

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