Easy to carry items in Travel especially when you are travelling with kids

You must have seen a very famous meme circulating on social media that if “ I just want to have just enough money so as to travel the world”.

Travel Love

You must have seen a very famous meme circulating on social media that if “ I just want to have just enough money so as to travel the world”. Though being an important contributor, money is not the only deciding factor when it comes to travel. The packing dilemma in itself is enough to make anyone back out of the idea of travelling the world.

But if logically thought, packing for a tour is difficult but not as horrific as many recollect it to be.Packing has become much easier thanks to the regular discovery of travel friendly gadgets that are being introduced to us on a regular basis based on our necessity, because necessity has been and will continue to be the mother of all inventions.

Travel Blues

I want to travel with world but NOT with kids in my tow. The perfect wanderlust of people some how vanishes when the thought of travelling with the kids come. Here’s the basic categories in which travelling with kids can be categorised into:

  • Small kids: “Horrific. I do not want to go with them again till they grow up enough to take care of themselves. It’s better we take some time off travelling”
  • Babies: “God! I know what hell is, I have been through hell while travelling with my baby. With a crying baby in the tow and people giving awkward looks. I have had enough”.

But you are sure to get deviations, with families that travel with babies and enjoy and make memories in foreign lands with their toddlers. The difference in the perspectives is just the way in which you pack when you travel with kids.

Must have things while travelling with kids

This article aims to give you a fair idea of making travel easy while you are travelling with kids. With kids it is important that you start taking preparations for packing a few days before you actually start travelling. Here are some basic tips:

  • Start making a list of the things you want to take or bring with you or put all the things out on a dresser or a shelf so that you possibly could not forget to pack.
  • Get a diaper bag with shoulder lining or straps, those are literally the life savers.
  • Baby throw ups or diaper leaks do happen on plane, therefore do not forget to take a few extra diapers or a few baby clothes in the carry on bag that you are travelling with.
  • Take a read on light of low power so that you can carry on reading without disturbing your baby while you are on a journey.
  • Make a note of your paediatrician’s phone number and keep it very handy because you could need it just anywhere.

What to pack while travelling with kids?

A priority list might vary from person to person according to their preference or the type of vacation they are going. But one thing is for sure that cramming up the bag in the name of necessity is not proper packing. Travel can be for pleasure or for business.  Travel blues can arise from anywhere, it is an uninvited guest. It can come in the form of the quarrelling couple just two rows behind your seat. Or it can be the aching back or stiff neck after a whole day of sight seeing. And troubles triple themselves when travelling with kids.

Therefore, let us discuss about the must have travel accessory list while travelling with kids so that every thing starting from the diapers to the medicines are well organised. So, let’s go through some of the items that are must haves in a travel list.

  • Diapers: The very basic yet the thing that falls short every time we travel with kids. There is a basic rule of diaper calculations. One diaper per hour for change during journey and transit and a pack extra if you are delayed for any reason.
  • Blankets: Oh! The little one just love their blankets. Just see their innocent smile just looking at their “blankys” and you will go all aww. So, do not forget to pack  blankets, their favourite one being on top priority.
  • Plastic Bags: They come in very handy to store the baby’s soiled diapers, the burped clothes and many other things. Do not forget to pack plastic bag of different sizes.
  • Toys: The babies are scared of unfamiliar situations that is why they cry so much while travelling. Nothing like their favourite toys to comfort and pacify them. So, pack one or two of their favourite toys in the carry bag while boarding the plane.

Pack precisely and there is no reason why you should not make memories with your toddlers. And a word of caution always carry the medicine kit whether you are in the plane or in day trip. Enjoy the trip with the wide eyed astonishment of your little ones, on seeing the mountains and the seas and go all mushy mushy.

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