Difference between Stuttering and Stammering?


What is stuttering and stammering

Stammering sometime referred as shuttering is a commonly speech problem. When he want to say something and stuck some words this is effect of their interaction with other people they can’t talk fluency with other people they have face stammering problem.

Stuttering:shuttering is know as speech disorder characterized by repetition of sound ,syllables or words or phrases as well as involuntary silent paused who unable to produce sound that called shuttering.

Symptoms of stuttering and stammering:

Here are some symptoms of Stuttering and Stammering  :

Stuttering symptoms:

Stuttering is known as repeating the words,sound phrases and disruption in the normal speech.

  1. pause before starting to speak
  2. Everytime repeat the one word
  3. Hesitation in the voice
  4. Limited ability to effectively communicate
  5. Prolonging a sound within a  word,phrase

Stammering symptoms

  1. Take time to say word every time pauses in a sentence
  2. The feel hesitate when he/she want to say something
  3. Can’t interacted with people normally
  4. While trying to say something the shutter jaw makes troubling

When they talking may be

  • Trebling lips
  • Trapping foot
  • Jaw is trembling

Causes of stuttering and stammering

Stammering when child develop their speaking skills stammering also strongly when we nervous tired and excited in any situation stammering is coming out. Some stammering find from the family member who are stammering already in there whole life.

Causes of stammering

  • family member stammering problem
  • Neurophysiology
  • Childhood development

How get rid for diagnosis from stammering and stuttering

If you have stuttering  problem you can stop that how:

Reduce your effect that you are stuttering visit to the doctor tell about your problem of stturing which comeout from childhood they will help you and give advise you to how stop stuttering problem in many case this is work bt some people can’t improve there stuttering problem so we give you a tips to stop stuttering problem in your life.

1.when you speak be relax:

some people hesitate to talk with other people and that’s why they stuttering so whenever you talk firstly relax and then speak because thats makes you out of stuttering problem and if you are stammer so take a breath and then continues to talk without stammering.

2. Should talk with some other person who stutter:

when you talk with stutter like you thats will help you more firstly listen them don’t finish the topic when the speak because this make them most frustrated make eye contact with them this is very important for stuttering.

Stammering and stuttering Treatment

Treatment is depend on a person there is many type of treatment available.

If your child have stuttering problem so there is speech languages help to improve stuttering problem it’s your plan what suitable treatment for your child.

Give a best  treatment  for your child

Give a best environment for your child that gives them good opportunities to speak home treatment is beneficial for your child.give a special time for your child to speak without  stuttering modification of stammering reduce your fear and improve your confidence psychology speech therapy is used for adult and need to improve there stammering problem .

  • Speak slow and polite way
  • Help your child when they stuck with words
  • Talking openly with your child









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