Bringing Your Garden Inside: Hydroponics Systems Tips for First Time Gardeners

In a hobby like gardening where every little bit counts, hydroponics is a fantastic way to go. These systems eschew soil for a fully water-based growing method, and use less water, space, soil, time, and chemicals than their soil-based counterparts. Statistically, you can expect to increase yields by up to 3,000%. Placed indoors, they’ll be much less susceptible to pests such as aphids, meaning you can skip the harsh and powerful chemicals and substitute them for organic, less harmful recipes. This makes them perfect for indoor gardening systems, as well as being much less needy and high-maintenance than their soil-based counterparts. Consider these fantastic features for why hydroponics systems are the best way to go for first time gardeners.

A Massive Variety

When gardening outside using soil-based techniques, you can find yourself having to do the same things to defend against similar threats that other gardeners have to fight against. For example, almost any garden will face threats from squirrels, insects, beetles, and other pests. This means that every outdoor garden will need to employ similar defenses against these threats, limiting your creativity as you have to make the same defensive measures other gardeners make. Hydroponics systems, however, come in a variety of different forms, able to fit any needs or restrictions that you may have. This stops you from having to worry about the same-same threats and focus on your garden more.

Save on Money

It’s important to remember how much less you have to supply for a hydroponics system. To create a small raised garden bed requires bag upon bag of soil, and soil is far from cheap. You’ll need to blend your own soil for maximum success, and just the topsoil can cost hundreds by the time you’ve accounted for labor and shipping.

With hydroponics, there’s no soil to worry about. That doesn’t just mean less dirt under your fingernails, it means more money in your account by the end of it all. If you’re starting to garden so that you can sell your produce, every bit saved will be a great boost to your profit margins. Above all else, bringing sizeable soil gardens indoors is nearly impossible, whereas hydroponics can be designed to fit anywhere.

Save on Chemicals

One of the worst parts about gardening is the need for pesticides. These chemicals are harmful to more than just the environment, which is more than worth considering. Failing to properly clean your produce after spraying them can lead to serious illness and majorly impact your health, to say nothing for the health of the soil or plant, or even for the quality of your product. Indoor hydroponics systems stay safe from most outdoor threats, leaving you with a drastically reduced need for pesticides. These chemicals can be incredibly dangerous to introduce to your home as well, making them undesirable for indoor gardens.

Hydroponics systems are growing rapidly in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. With the lessening of labor, cost, and need for chemicals, it’s an easy choice to at least partially employ hydroponics with your gardening. More than anything, beginners can benefit from seeing how their hydroponics flourish and applying the techniques to keep their soil-based outdoor gardens healthier.

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