Best Ways to Experience Diwali Festival 2019 in India

Diwali is a huge deal in India. It is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in the grandest ways possible. It has historical as well as religious significance for people in India. Diyas, fireworks, sweets and gifts are some of the things that people do in India to mark the occassion.

One interesting thing about Diwali is that it’s not just about celebrating the return of Lord Ram from the “Banwas”. People offer pujas to other deities like Lakshmi, Ganesha and Kali. It indicates that Diwali is celebrated in more ways than one in different parts of India. During Dushera, schools are closed and offices too have holidays. This offers the best chance to experience Diwali festival.

This year do something new and celebrate Diwali in different ways. Here is how and where you can do it:

Ayodhya Grand Diwali Celebration

What is a better way to celebrate Diwali than in Ayodha, the birthplace of Lord Rama? Ayodha celebrates Diwali in a grand way. In recent years, Ayodhya has been celebrating Diwali in a grand way. More than one lakh diyas were lit up last year illuminating the entire place and making it look magical. No electrical light, just diyas and it is one of the most environmental friendly ways to celebrate Diwali. If you want to experience the grand Diwali celebration then make sure to visit the city this year too. Traveling arrangements are made by the government so that people can easily travel there. You can find Yatra Promo Code one of the best options to make booking for flights and car booking in any destination you are travelling.

Haridwar and Varanasi

Diwali celebration in Haridwar and Varansi is grand and mesmerizing with thousands of lit diyas floating on water. The Ganges comes alive with the diyas and with devotees offering prayers. It is one of the best views in the world. Under the evening sky, the place looks nothing less than a magical land.  So this year you can make Haridwar and Varanasi as your top choices for celebrating Diwali and witnessing the grand occasion at its best.

Diwali in Mumbai

While Diwali isn’t the main festival here, the view in some of the popular places like the Marine Drive and Queen’s Arc is something to look forward to. Fireworks are the main attraction here, which illuminates the place under the night sky. The view is mesmerizing with the whole place lighting up with light and fireworks. If you are in Mumbai during the Diwali festival then make sure to visit the popular places and celebrate Diwali in a grand way.

The Golden Temple

Diwali is a dual celebration occasion in the Golden temple. The Diwali is also celebrated on the same day the Sikh celebrates the Bandi Chhor Diwas to mark the celebration of the return of the Sixth Sikh Guru, Hargobind Ji from the Mughal imprisonment. The Golden Temple is decorated with lights and floating diyas, which illuminates the Sarovar. It is one of the best views in the world. Visit the Golden Temple to celebrate Diwali in 2019 and witness the grandeur up close.

Diwali in Odisha

Diwali is celebrated in a slightly different way in Odisha. The day is dedicated to remembering the forefathers and the Kali Puja is performed. Jute sticks are lit in celebrations and people chant the mantra. If you want to celebrate Diwali in a different way, then Diwali in Odisha can make your 2019 celebration memorable. You can find various hotel options available online with amazing budgets deals by choosing Oyo Coupons for small hotels to big villas.

Setting Ablaze the Demon in Goa

Goa also has a different way of celebrating Diwali. The demon known as the Narakasura, according to Hindu ancient texts, is set on fire to mark the victory of good over the evil. The occasion has many attractions including a competition where people participate to make the biggest effigy of Narkasura. The effigies are set on fire at the dawn of Diwali, which means that light has overcome the darkness. On an interesting note, you can also try your luck in gambling at one of the casinos in Goa. If you want to do something different this year, then visit Goa and witness grand celebration of Diwali.

Shopping Diwali Celebration in Jaipur

Jaipur host shopping festival on Diwali to mark the occasion. It is known as the Jaipur Shopping festival and it is actually organized by the trade union to promote the trade and business in the state. It is a different kind of Diwali and has many activities like shows, polo and golf tournaments. Want to do something different this Diwali? Jaipur is the place to be.

The Bottom-Line

Diwali is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. Make your diwali in 2019 a different and learning experience by doing it in different way. Choose your favorite and make your Diwali celebration memorable.


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