Why advertising agencies shifting to this city

Name any big advertising agency, and you will find one of its offices in Gurgaon. And those who do not have yet shifted their offices in Gurgaon, they are looking...

Name any big advertising agency, and you will find one of its offices in Gurgaon. And those who do not have yet shifted their offices in Gurgaon, they are looking for a place to create one. Gurgaon has emerged as a huge trending city in India. The city has been developed starting right from the farming lands to a village and the most loved mega city of Haryana. Here are a plethora of reasons why advertising agencies want to be in ‘The Millennium City’:

Hub for top most advertising agencies

“From New Friends Colony to Old Friends Colony” read the hoarding, when it announced the new headquarters of advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather at Global Business Park in Gurgaon: Reason being most of the employees travelling back to Gurgaon. The company decided to switch its working space as a payback gift to their employees. This maybe one of the big reasons for its shift, but don’t forget the business opportunities that Gurgaon offers. Apart from Ogilvy and Mather, there is JWT, Lopamudra, Leo Brunette etc. in the big shot’s league.

Huge client base

Advertising agencies in Gurgaon find themselves surrounded by huge business companies, which maybe their prospective clients. Companies such as Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, British Airways and others have been around for a while.

MNC setups in Gurgaon

There are huge MNCs, which are setup in Gurgaon, which offers business opportunities to advertising agencies. MNCs such as Genpact, IBM, Microsoft, WNS, ESPN, American Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Canon, Nokia, Ericsson, Sapient and ABN Amro made a beeline for commercial spaces in Gurgaon, most of them moving their headquarters to the new premises.

Easy connectivity

Gurgaon has easy connectivity to Delhi, which makes traveling convenient for the workforce of the company. There are various affordable options available for the daily commuters working in the advertising agencies and other offices in Gurgaon.

Affordable Housing

Gurgaon is a city that offers easy accommodations for all. Be it family, bachelors or couples. Hence this attracts many people to Gurgaon. This population consists of various talents working in advertising agencies as well. Apart from lower rents, there’s a host of other reasons companies offer for basing themselves in Gurgaon.

Spacious offices

Typically in Delhi, large companies operate out of different branches due to space constraints. In Gurgaon, however, everyone can be based under one roof. So all the departments of advertising agencies can be found different floors but under one roof.

Growing infrastructure

Growth in infrastructure is also one of the main reasons for advertising agencies settling down in Gurgaon. Building of various fly-overs has reduced travel time between Delhi and NCR regions. Advertising agencies choose a space where they get a good audience and happening crowd.

Lively crowd

Gurgaon is a one-stop destination for each type of crowd. It also caters to a lot of cafes and chilling spots for the crowd. Advertising agencies are the one that are always on a lookout for such type of places and people. This is a good reason for an advertising agency to be in Gurgaon.

Diversified Companies

Gurgaon has diversity of companies – ranging from every major telecom player to automobile manufacturer to banking company. This means that the talent pool is diverse and there are persons with valuable experience, which are always on the advertising agency’s radar.

Similar to Silicon Valley

Many experts in India feel that Silicon Valley succeeded because of the kind of crossroads it provided for technical, creative minds with the right financial and marketing input. These people now believe that Gurgaon is a similar cusp now. And advertising agencies do not want to miss this chance.

Created ample of jobs

Thanks to the success of its industry, half-a-million new jobs have been created in Gurgaon. Advertising is one of them.

The total global and domestic outsourcing market opportunity for India is expected to grow three-fold from $500bn in 2008 to $1.5tn by 2020, according to India Brand Equity, a foundation set up by the government. And an advertising agency would never want to lag behind. Wherever there is growth, there is an advertising agency.

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