15 Characters Who Are Still Alive And Will Have A Huge Role In Avengers 4

Avengers: Infinity War has finally opened up in theatres and it was the sheer excellence that we were promised. We could never have predicted the entire movie as the marketing sometimes mislead us into a different direction, and that is what allowed us to be utterly thrilled towards the end of the movie. This was Thanos’ movie and as promised, he delivered at being the ultimate big bad. He was surely the best villain of the MCU, going past Loki.

Avengers 4
Avengers 4

He wiped half the population of the Universe, brought balance to it and completed his life’s goal. Wiping out the population, he also managed to kill major MCU superheroes, as most of the Superheroes died, and the count of Superheroes left alive were just about a dozen. Here are the ones who stayed alive and may have huge roles in Avengers 4.

Captain America

It is interesting to note the fact that the main 6 Avengers which formed the first team have survived. So, Captain America will probably bring back the major MCU team, and go on a mission as daunting as taking on Thanos even after he has all the Infinity Stones. Things from here on may take some doing as the Gauntlet is destroyed, but Cap is very dangerous now as we saw in Infinity War, and he is the one who can motivate all the leftover Avengers to have a one last stand, and he may even resolve things with Tony on his own, and form one final alliance. He may even sacrifice himself for the greater good of the team.

Iron Man

Doctor Strange traded Tony’s life for the Time Stone, so even after getting stabbed, Tony was able to survive Infinity War. Doctor Strange found one future that had the Avengers winning the battle against Thanos and that is probably why he had to trade the Stone. That future would have required for Thanos to assemble the entire Infinity Gauntlet and Tony to be alive. So Tony probably has the most important role in the next movie, and the entire movie may surround him. But, on his part as well, he would now have to forget his grudge with Steve and work side by side along with him. Infinity War had the Avengers fighting Thanos in two teams. They would have to come together to take him down.

Banner aka Hulk


Banner could not turn back into the Hulk after he was brutally beaten by Thanos. The Hulk was traumatized and hence he resisted coming out, being afraid now that there is an even stronger being that exists in this Universe. Hulk is having a big 3 story arc in the last 3 Phase 3 movies that he is appearing in. Ragnarok developed Hulk’s reign and gave him feelings. Infinity War shows him actually being terrified. Now Avengers 4 will have him overcome his fear, and fight alongside the Avengers and return back to being the big strong guy in the room.


Thor is the strongest Avenger, and now he has been upgraded to level 2.0 having the essence of the Odin force, an even powerful weapon to channel his strength and obviously being the God of Thunder, he can obliterate anyone in front of him. He even took on Thanos giving a lethal blow. So he would come in really handy in Avengers 4 being the biggest gun on the team.

Black Widow

Nat did not get to do a lot in the movie plot-wise, but she did punch above her weight, taking on Proxima Midnight and even pinning her down once or twice. She is a great asset to the team even after being a mere mortal. Seeing her in Infinity War, she easily fought and survived against Thanos’ daughter Midnight and the Outriders army. So she will have quite a significant role in the next one.

Rhodey aka War Machine

war machine infinity war civil war

Rhodey did have a significant amount of screen time in the movie, and he helped the plot in a certain way as well. He was left alive at the end of the movie, so he may get a similar role to play alongside his best friend Tony and the rest of the Avengers.


Rocket Raccoon will be furious seeing his best friend Groot die right in front of his eyes. And getting to know that his entire newly found family died at the hands of Thanos, he will surely be up for revenge against the Mad Titan. He will contribute to the plot of the next movie as much as he did in this one.


Knowing that her sister, Gamora who sacrificed herself to Thanos so that she could stop him from torturing Nebula, she will also be up for revenge against Thanos, who has now wiped out half the population of the Universe along with her sister. She knows that Thanos needs to go down, so she will be joining the Avengers in the fight against him, and possibly bring back her sister.

Okoye and M’Baku

We saw that T’Challa got disintegrated right in front of Okoye, and we also got to see that along with Okoye, M’Baku did not turn into ash. So it will be upon these two to address the nation and take care of it in the absence of their king.


Shuri went missing in action, as we last saw her attack Corvus Glaive while she was working on separating the mind stone from Vision. She did survive the attack from Corvus Glaive, but we don’t know whether she was disintegrated like her brother or not, we don’t know yet. But since she did not turn into ash in front of us, so we can assume that she is still alive. The entire Kingdom may fall on her head with T’Challa gone, and along with Okoye and M’Baku she will have to work upon bringing her brother back and leading Wakanda, and even stepping up as the new Black Panther like the comics.


Since Barton did not show up in this movie, we know that he is alive and will show up in the next movie having a very significant role, as the Russos promised that he hasn’t been forgotten and his story is a long play. We know that he is going to become Ronin in the next movie. Ronin is a much darker character than Hawkeye, so we assume that something pushes Hawkeye over the edge. And that something may be the disintegration of his entire family in front of his eyes. This is probably why Hawkeye will take the mantle of Ronin, and go for full-on revenge against Thanos along with the rest of the team.


Ant-Man did not get a role in this movie, and the reason was that his story in Ant-Man and the Wasp may be preventing him from being a part of the movie. But as we have seen him in the set photos, he may have a huge role in the next one. Since he may be the one to know the most about the Quantum Realm where space and time are not relevant, so this is how Time Travel may be incorporated in Avengers 4 other than using the Time Stone.


She was missing in the opening of the movie during the attack of Thanos on Thor’s ship. She had a pretty significant role in Ragnarok, so assuming that she died without even a reference or a name drop would be foolish. Tessa Thompson’s name is attached in the cast of Avengers 4, so she may have left the ship at the beginning of the fight probably to save as many Asgardians as she can, or getting help from someone along with Korg and Miek. So she may return as an important ally to the Avengers in the next movie.

Wong & Wasp

Along with Shuri, we do not have the news about the survival of Wong. But given that he did not appear to be dying, he may still be alive and may have a vital contribution to make in the next movie as the Avengers will need all the help they can get, and Tony knows that he is the Wizard they could count on. The Wasp may get disintegrated at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp showing the effects of what Thanos has done, but let’s assume that she is alive as Evangeline Lilly revealed that she does have a small but pretty important role in the next movie.

Captain Marvel

captain marvel powers

With Nick Fury’s panic button in the post-credits scene, we know that Captain Marvel is on her way to fight against the Mad Titan. She is the most powerful Superhero Marvel has ever put out, so she will probably be an even bigger gun than the God of Thunder. So, Thanos is surely going to get his ass kicked by the Avengers now!

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