Xbox One’s Bright Future – GT Time Episode 71 (Aug 6 2015)

Microsoft shows up big at Gamescom, Mafia III jettisons its legacy, and World of Warcraft: Legion bores its greatest fans.

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  1. Yeah what have Sony got for great exclusives? I can think of Uncharted 4 and Last Guardian in the foreseeable future, nothing else comes to mind. As a PS4 owner that's kind of a shame, it's like Sony have become complacent. Plus Little Big Planet, Killzone and Infamous had really poor outings that put me off those franchises

  2. I think Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes is an excellent example of how to do a great remake of a game. Take all the basic components of what made the original great but, add modern visuals and updated mechanics. Twin Snakes was just like the first except with updated visuals, cut scenes and mechanics like first person mode, the ability to holdup guards or shoot their radios and even drag bodies into hiding places, among other things.

    The game itself was very familiar and nostalgic, but also fresh and surprising at the same time. I was excited to see familiar places in all their updated glory and was also excited about trying newer, modern mechanics in older familiar situations. If FFVII remake can do that, well I don't think we'll have to worry about anything.

  3. According to Bungie they are adding and changing some of the lines for the ghost in existing missions to "better lead the players and communicate the story" and since they couldn't get Dinklage they had to re-record all the lines. That could just be something they say but it makes sense.

  4. So here's a thought for next week; the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider apparently already has more pre-orders on Amazon than the Xbox One version that's been available to order since last year's E3.

  5. Well YOU'RE the ONE who STARTED this CONVERSATION submission: one of my favorite things in gaming is discovery, whether it be a new use for a tool in my arsenal, or the weakness of a new variety of enemy, or the solution to a clever puzzle, etc..  At the same time, one of the most frustrating aspects of gaming to me is when I can't progress due to a lack of information, whether that information be explicit or from a visual or audio cue, or when I miss out on a great optional boss, level, or strategy because it's absurdly well hidden.  My question to the panel is, what's the right mix?  How can a game be designed to be satisfying in the agency it gives the player (i.e. letting them discover things without hand-holding), without being obtuse?

    Feel free to leave this part out but, as an example, when playing a survival horror game, it annoys the crap out of me when a very threatening enemy is revealed via cutscene, with its weak point clearly highlighted before the cutscene ends, because that immediately diminishes the scary impact it has – but at the same time, if the only way to beat it is obscure and requires a google search for the average player, that's just as much of a letdown.

  6. Mafia III chose to go action heavy for the clips because they needed something to show quickly that people would get their head around but they've already made it clear that there will be other ways to go about most situations than just going ballistic. It does seem a bit weird to me that they're talking like nothing blew up or burnt down in Mafia II. One of the main selling points before that came out was that demo of the guys machine gunning that shack into oblivion to show off the environmental destruction.

  7. I kind of agree with Brandon with FF7 Remake and his Batman analogy. I also find the animated Batman: Year One super boring. It make sense and super faithful to the comic but it doesn't really work as a film, at least for me.

  8. Correction: Many Many Many, Halo fans were expecting Halo Wars 2.  Just do a youtube search and lately a good amount of people were speculating that a new Halo Wars was coming.

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