What is PCI Compliance and How to Enhance the Security?

Do you want to learn more about the PCI compliance and how to enhance the security? Just check out the article now.

PCI DSS stands for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It’s suitable for the enterprises that usually deal in the online transaction like credit card payments, etc. For instance; your company access the payments from the card, alongside storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data, make sure that you host your data security with a PCI compliant hosting provider. 

Mentioned below are some of the persuasive reasons why you should get a PCI DSS cloud. So let’s dive in;

Maintains a Secure Network
It’s crucial to Install & maintain a firewall configuration in order to protect the cardholder data. For that, enterprises need to create their firewall configuration policy alongside developing a configuration test procedure, which is mainly designed to protect cardholder data. The hosting provider you get along with must have all the necessary firewalls to protect & create a secure, private network.

Also, make sure that you avoid the vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords & other security parameters. It means that you’re supposed to create, maintain & update the system passwords having unique & secure characters created by your company.

Protecting the Cardholder Data
This is specifically for the enterprises that that store cardholder data. The enterprises that don’t automatically store cardholder data are already kept from the possible data security breach that’s targeted by the identity theft. When you buy the PCI Cloud, make sure that they offer the multiple layers of defense along with the secure data protection model combining physical as well as the virtual security methods. Physical is all about the restricted access to the server room, storage & networking cabinet locks, etc. Whereas, the Virtual security includes authentication, authorization and passwords

Encrypting is another excellent way to protect the cardholder data. When the data is encrypted, it becomes unreadable and unusable to a system intruder without the property cryptographic keys. Wondering what Cryptographic keys are? It’s the process in which plaintext is transformed into ciphertext. That text is unreadable, and only the specific algorithm can decode that text. Security experts have recommended that sensitive data, card validation codes, PIN codes shouldn’t be stored after authorization even if you’ve encrypted the data.

Maintaining a Vulnerability Management Program

For that, it’s advisable to use the reliable anti-virus software. Well, that service will need to be updated on a regular basis, but it’s worth getting along with for your data security purposes. And to fight the most recently developed malware, updating these anti-viruses will be of great help. In case the confidential data of your company is being hosted on the outsourced servers, your managed server provider will be responsible for maintaining a safe environment.

When it comes to maintaining the vulnerability management programs, how can the part of maintaining the security systems & applications be left unspoken? How about being able to discover the newly identified security vulnerabilities via alert systems? For sure, it’s going to be one of the significant innovations and a huge plus in online security systems. With PCI compliance, you’ll be able to monitor and update the systems to accommodate the security vulnerabilities.

Implementing Strong Access Controls

There’s no need for more people have access to the cardholder data. If you limit the number of people that can access this sensitive information, you’ll surely lessen the chances of security breaches. The best solution to deal with this problem is here. Just assign a unique ID to each individual with access. And these user accounts will keep up with the best security practices like authorization, authentication, including password encryption, log-in time limits, etc.

In case there is any physical access to the cardholder data like any off-site data center, the provider must have limited personnel with access to that confidential data. Moreover, it should have full 24*7 monitoring including surveillance cameras along with entry authentication.

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