What does Big Data Analytics Career Hold?

Big data and analytics can take you in different industries because every industry needs data to improve their services.

Big data and analytics can take you in different industries because every industry needs data to improve their services. You don’t need to work only for world-leading analytics companies if you have got a big data and analytics certification. You have awesome alternatives in banks, patent offices, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and e-commerce companies to have a flourishing business.  

Bank: The simplest example of the application of the big data and analytics certification is the ‘credit score’. What earlier took hundreds of individuals to analyze data to conclude you have a good credit score, now takes only a few minutes and clicks. Bank customers can then be offered special loan discounts depending upon their credit score and reliable source of a stable earning. Moreover, predictive analysis, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis can study customer behavior and future expectations. Such is the power of the big data analytics career in banks.  

Pharma: Even the pharmaceutical industry has gone hi-tech. You can apply your big data and analytics certification in fields of sentiment analysis and customer data analysis. Millions of tweets can be scanned for informational content on what drugs suit the patients best. A pharmaceutical company is able to target better the specific ads to specific people. Biggest of brands in pharma depend on data to sell. Think of your big data analytics career in this industry.

Hospitals: Hospitals are welcoming sensors and RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chips to have insights about patient experience. Everyone who avails of services is a customer these days. And a patient is no different. The real data about what the patients liked about the hospitals, the feedback, the interaction with the doctor and the other staff, the hygiene and cleanliness factors- a plethora of data can be extracted from the patients for the improvement of hospital services. 

Patent: Databases are usually huge volumes. Whenever there is a fresh patent to be checked against those huge databases already present there, it is impossible for a human in a time-bound manner. With computers and big data analytics, it’s a simple task. The US Patent Office receives about 5 million patent applications. With tagging and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning, 2 million pages of data are scanned every month. Even researchers and bibliographers, searching for specific content can scan their database query to find relevant stuff to quote in their dissertation or doctoral studies.

Commerce: Commerce is by far the most benefitted company. From the earlier purchases of customers to what they are searching for, in what age group, and in which geographical location- everything is possible with data sciences and big data analytics. All of such data makes personalization and customization of products and services for customers very effective and swift. The different platforms available for analyzing e-commerce websites even say who are returning customers. 

Customer Experience: If it’s about shopping from e-commerce apps or any services platform, SaaS (Service as a Solution) solutions are really going to help you in ascertaining how the app for your website is really coming along. Unusual behaviors can be recognized in no big time. For example, abnormal network patterns and behavior, the likes of which are, degradations, and security incidents such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) bandwidth events. Also possible through big data are peering and network routing and planning of network changes for the optimization of service and cost quality.

There are hundreds of other domains which use big data and analytics to make their services better like weather, truck loading and unloading, and traffic crossing data. Even business standing on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) or maps locating your physical space- a lot can be explored.

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