We’re Too Old for Baby Games! – The Final Bosman

A recent revelation tosses Kyle into a vortex of self-doubt, but Brandon Jones is there to lift him out.

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  1. for me it was animal crossing new leaf like I love the game and have played like 100 hours single player and then after hours and hours I finally started to check out club tortomer and everyone on there is like 12 and I'm 21. so when someone asked how old I was I had a really weird realisation, and felt self concious about being too old for the game. I think I'll stick to playing with groups my age through reddit or locally with my girlfriend mostly from now on.

  2. as a parent that grew up with nintendo and who now enjoys playing games with my son, I was disappointed after buying a ps4.where are the games for kids that don't require me to buy hundred of dollars in toys?no, I don't want my kids to play bloodborne or black ops.the truth is that there is no huge payday in making games for kids.the industry forgot that it was the kids who were growing up with nintendo, Sega and the ps1 that made them who they are.now all they want is call of duty money and would rather release lazy online only games with season passes.what's worse is the only company that still cared to support those family friendly games failed.I'm buying a wii u for xmas and putting away the bandwagon hype station 4.

  3. I had that moment when I watched PreRec play undertale.

    And even worse than that, I looked at my friends list where everyone had an undertale avatar and thought "youre all too old for this shit" and realized this is why i hate all of my e-friends, because they are fucking manchildren obsessed with my little pony and undertale.

  4. I was with friends at my buddy Alex's house, playing D&D if memory serves, and his wife started playing Lego Harry Potter. We all just got enraptured watching her play this stupid game, and talked and laughed about it for a solid 15 minutes or so. Obviously they're doing something right.

  5. I started buying all the Level-5 games that released lately as would consider myself a big fan of their games from my experiences with Prof. Layton, Dragon Quest, and a few others, but lately and specifically with Yo-Kai Watch and LBX, I agree with how Kyle feels. I think that I'm actually too old for those two games specifically. Not because they are E-rated, colorful, or on a 3DS, but because the kind of experiences they sell are the things I would have been all over in middle school but nowadays have zero relation to my present life. I don't care to collect robots or ghosts based on my favorite anime show to trade and battle with friends. The games themselves are solid and well designed but, speaking of those two titles specifically, don't offer enough new to where I do feel like I'm wasting my time with them especially when both have accompanying anime shows on the hottest kids TV network. That says more about the games than anything in regards to them obviously being for children. I've got Fallout, Tomb Raider, Xenoblade, and Zelda to be playing this year. I can't dedicate any more time to what are essentially "baby" games.

  6. I discovered Skylanders after playing through shooter after shooter after shooter, and absolutely enjoy the games for the palette cleansing stress free playthroughs. Plus, I don't mind buying the little figures. They look sweet on my bookshelf.

  7. Nothing is a kids game. You can play whatever you want. There is no such thing as a kids game, kids movie etc. If you like it you like it. Simple as that. If you feel you are too old for something and you think you should play or watch adult related games or movies you should not play video games at all and find a new hobbie. It also means you are very insecure of yourself.

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