Watch Us Fight Final Fantasy 15’s Behemoth – PAX East 2015

We take on the big baddy at the end of Episode Duscae. Spoilers, it does not go well.

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  1. After comparing this with my own fight against this thing i can almost say that the one playing here chickening out was the better way of fighting Deadeye(almost). If he knocks you down it's most likely over, he doesn't like you getting back up and will stomp you back down.

  2. So, what was their aim? I mean, it looked like they had to run to that wall or something… dunno really. The gameplay doesen't look like fun. It was just weird to watch it. Can't say what to expect from this.

  3. Oh god, the comment section is infested with hipsters and hipster-haters, should I form a third party or gtfo??! OK about voice acting, the Japanese voice acting sounds far superior, but not because it sounds "retro" or some dumb reason, it is because it sounds more fluent and is more suited for the theme of Final Fantasy XV, which is an Anime styled game.

  4. just because this video was 0 help to see how to fight this batte, Id like to share my experience. you wake up the sleeping giant and warp to the towers to get to the first one. You do not run fast enough to outrun him so warping is your method of lure. on the wall next to the tank you will then wait for your team member to shoot the tank and WHILE THE BEHEMOTH IS ON FIRE wait for the blue icon to warp strike and noctis will jump on the behemoths back to LAND A FINISHING BLOW. spoiler : you cant kill this dude but at least you can look much cooler than whoever played this round. again you must warp strike from the wall while he is on fire in order to do this.

  5. There's no animation for when the giant monster is turning… it just kind of happens with it's walking animation and it looks fucking stupid.

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