Vital Commands to Keep In Mind before Opting For White Water Rafting!

Among a variety of adventurous activities or sports an individual can opt for, one of the most common one is the white water rafting.

How adventurous are you? 

If your heart craves for supersonic excitement, opt for some adventure sports and feel the adrenaline rush within.

Among a variety of adventurous activities or sports an individual can opt for, one of the most common one is the white water rafting. So, if you are planning to go for this challenge, then you should be aware of the usual commands which are essential for communicating with teammates during the ride.

Paddling Forward

This command directs paddlers to paddle forward at same time and in proper sync. Before going out on river, the guide explicitly explains that two front paddlers in a boat must watch one another for dipping paddles in water simultaneously.

Also, the rest of the paddlers in the raft should paddle with the leaders in sync. To do this one would require using his/her core muscles and not just arms muscles.

Backward Paddle

It is similar to forward paddle; however, people go in a backward direction. Also, the people need to be in proper synchronization with the lead paddlers. While performing a back paddle, think about leaning forward and placing the paddle behind in water. Then, pull the paddle forward through the water engaging the core muscles, as you gradually sit upright.

Stop Command

Paddlers will have to keep paddling once a guide commands so and can only stop when he uses the stop command. Though this is a simple command, it aids in controlling a raft’s direction after it lines up in ideal spot/position. In rapid water of high-intensity, a person might be inclined or tempted to keep on paddling, so it is vital to carefully listen to the guide for keeping raft on the proper track.

Right Back

This instruction requires the right side people of a raft to perform a back-paddle while rafters on left side continue paddling forward. This command can be confusing if an individual can’t quickly recall which side he/she is sitting.

So, if the guide shouts a right back don’t back paddle if sitting on left side!

Left Back

It is just opposite to the right back command. When this command is instructed people on left side only, will paddle backside. The right-hand side people will continue to paddle forward.

Guides generally use the right and left back command for quickly turning a raft.

Lean In 

Instructors use this command if a jolting impact is imminent like hitting any obstacle, approaching a steep drop, clashing against a vast wave, etc. The paddlers must brace themselves upon hearing this command. Also, grasping the safety line around the boat is an appropriate precaution.

High Side

A trainer might often yell this command to save the boat from flipping if, it hits a barrier while rafting. This instruction is given so that people move to the higher side and offer a proper weight distribution which will prevent the raft from flipping.

These commands are essential to be safe throughout the ride. So, ensure to keep these commands in mind when going for white water rafting.

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