Valkyria Chronicles 4 – Announcement Trailer

The continent of Europa is engulfed in the flames of the Second Europan War between the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance …

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  1. I guess this would explain why they were remastering older games on ps4 and including surveys gauging enthusiasm for the series. PS4 is slowly beating the 3DS as the best place for JRPG fans.

  2. All whining aside, i'm glad they're taking Valkyria Chronicles back to what made it great. I'm a little sad they're not bringing VC3 to an international audience, but this is still great news!

  3. Good they're making it for consoles and not failing handhelds, that is the main thing that pissed me off to no end with VC 2 and 3. How in the world you can start the franchise on console, then make the sequals on the PSP? Then wonder why they didn't do as well>_>. Whelp it's looking like it about time i finally got that PS4 i've been holding off on getting:P.

  4. I want them to go back to more turn based tactical like the one for PS3. It was a far better experience than the one that just came out for the PS4, although that one still has its fun moments, it just doesn’t hold my attention as well.

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