TVF Tripling S1E01 Reaction – She’s Not PREGNANT!?

Reaction vid for season one episode 1 of TVF’s Tripling Series. Tripling Episode One: Twitter: Discord:
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  1. dude, we have most of the cities compared to most of the western cities….but ur media shows POOR INDIA STARVING INDIA (cliche STUFF AND STEREOTYPING IT ) …if HAVEing GUTS THEN COME IN INDIA N SURVIVE INDIA ………FUCK AND YES WE MIGHT BE POOR FROM UR COUNTRY BUT WE ARE NOT AS POOR THAT U SHOW US IN THE MEDIA…..WE HAVE OUR MODERN CITIES AND STATES BUT U GUYS FUCK IT EVERY TIME TO SHOW UR WELL BEING!!! SO FUCK OFF AND NO COMMENTS…i wanted to type this in uppercase so i can prove my point but i guess u don't deserve it!! so " we love u and love us back, so we can put our peaceful stuff with u"..MISS U GUYSS AND YES WE LOVE U, bhai sachichi main bol raha hu….gala baat ki to gaand maar dena

  2. why not TVF's "permanent roommates ".. .. c'mon dudu ..believe me if you love twists in story and stylish film'll gonna love that thing… looking forward…….

  3. Hey RC….here is some info for you and Answers to your Queries……
    Chandan, Chanchal & Chitvan (elder to younger) are the Three siblings ……Only Chitvan calls his elder brother as "Baba" (sort of nickname)
    The House/ Palace shown at the end…….is actually the place where Chanchal lives…..she is the Wife of a Local Indian Prince…..that palace is a passed on royal property….
    Chanchal lied about pregnancy because the royal family was forcing her for an heir to royal family……
    About you queries :-
    Many Indians do use English Curse Words like shit, fuck, etc…..mostly in Urban areas of India…..but many Hindi Curse Words are also used…..some of the common Hindi Curse words used are "Chutiya"(Cunt), "Madarchod" (Mother-fucker) , "Bhenchod"(Sister-fucker), etc…..
    By now you should understand that Current Urban Indians use spoken language which is mix of Hindi and English…..commonly known as Hinglish
    Common Beers in India are……KingFisher variants, Budweiser, Foster, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Haywards, Heineken etc……

  4. The term 'Baba' is for elder brother in respect . Actually Chitvan's elder brother's name is Chandan…
    Chanchal is Pranav's wife. Pranav is from a rich royal family and it was his mansion .

  5. we have few local indian beers…kingfisher being the most popular…and then ofcourse we have foreign beer like tuborg fosters carlsburg my favorite budweiser and the most expensive one i think Heineken….few more just not mentioning all the names..

    Rules of the urinal:
    1. If no urinals are occupied, occupy a urinal at one of the extreme ends of the row.
    2. If both end-urinals are occupied, choose a middle urinal, subject to rule 3.
    3. Always leave a one urinal gap minimum.
    4. If all urinals are occupied and only gap urinals remain, check if someone's shaking out the last few drops. If not, wait an additional 30 seconds before occupying a urinal between two other people.

    Clarification: chacha is a paternally related uncle, mama is a maternally related uncle

    Swearing: English is a lot more accessible since not everyone in India speaks Hindi but almost everyone speaks a little English (a by-product of the colonial era) and is exposed to American culture(a by-product of modern economics). Hindi is pretty funny though, I'll arm you with a few of the common insults so you can hold your own if someone's giving you shit:
    – bhenchod = sisterfucker
    – chutiya = idiot/fool/moron/"dick-head"
    – sala = fucker (typically used casually, sometimes even amiably)

    Beer: Craft beer isn't a huge thing in India, at least not in Mumbai or New Delhi. Typically people will grab a Kingfisher or if they're feeling fancy, an imported beer like Heineken.

  7. there should be a theme for your channel as well Ben, i really want your channel to grow. you should include links to your other reactions at the end of each video.

  8. ohh yeah those are the rules for the bathroom. he was suppose to take the corner. i hate when pple do that. i guess if he had been in the corner, the conversation could not have been in one frame shot. i guess

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