TVF Tripling S01E04 – Morni (Ending-Scene Amma Puchdi Soundtrack)

It’s been tough for Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan staying together. Now they have separated and the Soundtrack is very touching. To know what is actually …
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  1. Its a conversation between a mother and her daughter:

    Mother: Amma puch di, sun dhiya meri e, dhubari itni tu kya kar hoyi ho

    (The mother asks her daughter, what is it that worries you?)

    Daughter: Kuthi janda chanderma, kuthi jaande taare ho, amma jee kuthi jaande dilaan de pyaare ho

    (Where does moon go, where do the stars go, o mother where do the ones we love disappear)

    Mother: Chupi janda chandarma, chupi jaande tare ho, dhiye bhala naiyo chupde dilaan de pyaare ho

    (The moon hides and so do the stars, daughter but those we love never go anywhere.)

    Himachali folk at its traditional best <3 <3

  2. it's was the song tha I'm searching for after seeing tvf triplings …. the man who posted Thi song is great real legend
    himalchal diaries folk song
    heart touching

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