TVF Pitchers | S01E01 – ‘Tu Beer Hai’ Reaction

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  1. Bro Plzzz Checkout n React to "Oh Oh Jaane Jana" song of Salman Khan ; which is The First Song in which Salman Khan Was Seen Shirtless and later Became His Signature Style And also "Bang Bang Jawana Bole" from 'Hello" Movie. U guys Are Awesome…Keep Going Brothers…

  2. Can you guys please react on Bahria town Karachi because it is the largest housing society in Asia and you’ll get to witness another face of Pakistan 🇵🇰…

  3. great going guys, do continue with this series, also another group you might wanna check out is AIB..they are comedy sketch group. AIB and TVF are one of the top youtubers in India currently.

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