Top 10 Scariest Moments in Games

It only takes a moment to give you nightmares for the rest of your life. To celebrate the spooky season, here are ten video game scares that will ought to get you good – if they haven’t gotten…

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  1. The most terrifying thing I remember in a video game was in Silent Hill 2 when you knock on the locked bathroom stall door in an otherwise empty and, in fact, a room safe from the monsters in the corridors. Knocking on the door doesn't seem to do anything at first, but when you walk away to leave, thinking the room was safe, suddenly something slams back against the door with a scream. What made it even more shocking was that it was the only jump-scare in the game.

  2. how come nothing from re4 is on the list? regenerators? dr salvador? verdugo? U-3? my scariest moment had to be regenerators, i saw this big white dead corpse on a hospital bed, and thought it was just creepy scenery, after i progressed a bit in the level, it came alive but without any introduction, it just appeared, and the music that comes with them is terrifying. i started shooting it, and it would lose body parts in an instant, so i thought it would be a piece of cake, i blew its legs off, and it got even faster by just leaping on the ground without its legs.

  3. Stasis has one of the most oppressive atmospheres I've ever encountered in a game, made worse by the fact that true encounters with the monsters in game are rare, so you never get the catharsis of actually fighting them nor can you predict when it'll occur.

  4. i hate horror games and i hate to play them i have 0 hoirror game. But in far cry 4 there was one very shit mission to me i hate all scary shit and i didn't like this. There is one mission where you need to go to to cell in mountains and you need find thinks and go down to mountain and there is these ''scary guys'' and you need to go sneaky

  5. I was playing Fatal Frame III and was in camera mode because I wanted to take a pic of this doll. I get ready to take the shot and the doll looks up at me. After saying "oh hell no!" I back away, still in camera view and look over at an open closet…and Crashing Woman's face crashes into view. I was done.

  6. On the Amiga there was a game called Corporation and there were these robot spider things that would crawl along the ceiling and if you missed them they would drop on your face and make a loud noise. Definitely a brown trouser moment. Spent the whole game looking up.

  7. Sorry to say that, but the evil within stopped scaring me after the first hour. All I felt through the most part was frustration and annoyance. And the angry tension of awaiting the next cheap way to get fucked.

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