The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights to Britannia – Gameplay Trailer

The game features an adventure mode and online multiplayer. 4 Minutes of The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Gameplay – TGS 2017: …

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  1. I love the anime but i was hoping for something story driven or at least turn based
    That's how anime games should be
    Instead we always get hack and slash or basic fighting games (DBZ, Naruto, burning blood style)

  2. is this gonna be in English? Cuz what's the point of bring a game to na when ur just gonna leave half of it in Japanese. just cuz I watch anime doesn't mean I can read Japanese

  3. "but they have not finished the TV series"

    you are not a true fan of this anime if this is your response.

    Netflix based the series on the manga. the TV show has at least 3 more seasons to go to get even close to where the manga is.

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