The Gifted: Character Introductions

Check out every character reveal so far from the upcoming TV series based on the X-Men, debuting October 2nd on FOX. Ranking the 9 X-Men Movies from Worst to Best:…

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  1. can someone explain to me what Andy's mutation is does he control things with his mind, or what? I know they said that Laura's abilities move molecules closer together and Andy's moves them farther apart but what does that mean.

  2. WHY IS EVERY MUTANT SO BAD IN THIS SHOW Magneto does not need to "activate" the power like she does with her hands going green, magneto can do it instantaneously, his power is 100x stronger and faster than hers, magneto broke prison using tiny amounts of iron dissolved in blood, his range is like 100x further than hers too WHY IS SHE SO BAD

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