Tesla launches the new Model Y, an electric SUV for the masses

Tesla Model Y ready to release with new specifications, pricing, range, speed and design.

Many experts believe that the age of electric cars is upon us and that it’s only a matter of time before cars that run on natural fuels will be seen in the museums. While we may not be visiting such museums anytime soon, Tesla seems to be in rush. It’s futurist CEO, Elon Musk has once again released another tech-savvy automobile that truly defines what a modern-day car should look and feel like.

Tesla line-up is still considered relatively new and unique in the automobile-market because of its mechanism which is heavily dependent on software. The line-up surely provides abundance of environmentally-friendly and futuristic features. The only downside to buying this technology marvel is that the Car spare parts of Tesla are not readily available in the majority of the automobile markets around the world.

However, that may only be a temporary problem because of Tesla’s overwhelming popularity and with the release of Tesla Model Y – an electric SUV, things are about to change. The electric SUV, Tesla Model Y will be targeting the mass consumer market (primarily in the USA) to make the Tesla cars more popular in the automobile market.


The Tesla Model Y has a total of four variants – The standard version, the long-range version, the Dual Motor AWD version, and the Performance version. The standard version as evident from the name is the entry-level model in the Y model series and costs $US39,000. The long-range version stands at $US47,000, the Dual Motor AWD at $US51,000 while the top of the line Performance version costs $US60,000.

Specification difference


The range of the entry-level model/standard version is 230 miles, while the dual motor AWD and performance variant have a 280-mile range. The long-range version as evident from its name has a 300-mile range.

Top Speed

When it comes to top speed, the standard version offers a top speed of 120 mph, the Long-range variant offers 130 mph, and the Dual Motor AWD variant offers 135 mph. The Performance variant offers the maximum top speed of 140 mph.

0-60 mph & Delivery

The standard version takes 5.9 seconds to reach 60 mph, the Long-range version takes 5.5 seconds, the Dual Motor AWD variant takes 4.8 seconds while the Performance version takes only 3.5 seconds to reach 60 mph.

The Tesla Model Y (standard) will be delivered by the Spring of 2021 while the Tesla Model Y (Long Range), Tesla Model Y (Dual Motor AWD), and Tesla Model Y (Performance) will be available by the fall of 2020.


The interior of Model Y looks similar to Model 3. The interior design has the same stark look, with a 15-inch touchscreen perched on a dashboard. The Model Y also has a panoramic sunroof and 66 cubic feet of cargo space. The car has a third row which enables it to offer space to seven passengers.

The model Y being an SUV is 10% bigger than Model 3 and will subsequently cost 10% more and have slightly less range for the same battery. Due to the promising sales of Tesla 3, a wide array of customization options are now available.

You can choose a different type of skin (sheets) for your preferred model of Tesla. This not only gives some added protection but also gives it an appealing look. Furthermore, installation of different seat covers may also be available for the upcoming Model Y, since various workshops offered this Tesla accessory for the Model X and Model 3.

In a bid to cut the cost of its new models, Tesla decided to close down most of its stores and to completely digitize its selling services. However, after the backlash from customers, the company decided to stop the closing of its stores. This in turn resulted in the price hike of Tesla cars once again.

A major hindrance the company has faced in the past has been the inability to deliver orders on time. However, with the Model Y being predominantly similar to Model 3, the production of this model should be relatively easier and theoretically less draining on the company’s resources. If the company is able to mass-produce it then the Model Y will represent a huge growth opportunity in the USA, especially in the SUV segment.

With the Model Y now released to attract the mass consumer market, the competition is heating up, especially since companies like Ford and Ferrari are also planning to introduce their versions of the electric cars in the coming years.




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