Super Bomberman R Official New Battle Mode: Grand Prix Trailer

Update 2.0 is now live for the game, which also adds 10 characters and more. Watch more trailers here!

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  1. I got this game at $30 after launch, and I've enjoyed it as a change of pace, but this feels like an idea they didn't have time to implement.

  2. ._. Now bomber man be fucking with me too >:U You can’t just use mah ninja goemon as DLC and not bring his ass back! Sonic uses a fucking aiai costume but no new Super monkey ball game! sonic all star racing had billy in it but they never brought Billy Hatcher back! And the motherfuckers had the nerve to but a chao backback as a costume and not bring back chao gardens. You got me Fuck up Sega and konami!

  3. this explains why this bomberman has proper voice while the other one had a squeaky one: snes/64 and such was the prototype bomberman (and the adaptability was his armors,louie racing and such), and the switch one is the reborn, just like the R in the title. Then come the memory paks….

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