Star Wars Battlefront 2 Official The Last Jedi Season Trailer

Finn and Captain Phasma – as well as more story content – are coming to the game December 13. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review: The First 15 Minutes…

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  1. Free for all players… When they buy the special single player campaign loot boxes and fully upgrade each story star card to the max level at which point they can feel accomplished that they unlocked the level to play.

  2. you know Finn and phasma gonna cost 60k credits. so people that just deciding to pick up this shitty game is gonna have to grind for hour's giving a reason for EA to bring back micro transaction i can see that happening.

  3. I honestly don't understand all the hate. I haven't seen a single micro transaction for this game and they said all future dlc will be free so I don't understand what you guys are crying about? It's not even hard to earn credits to buy characters, just be good at the game.

  4. It amazes me how stupid people are in comment sections. They have said since they announced the game all DLC would be free. No season pass. Now EA doesn't want to lose out on that lost revenue so they poorly implemented loot boxes to make up for it. Now people want this game to fail no matter what they add to it… Sad!

  5. EA burned the bridge long time ago.. it's just it took a while for the dead bodies after the fall to make a small mountain so people could get to the other side and realize what's been going on .

  6. The games still in control of EA, so more than likely it's gonna cost money to get these new heroes and take another forty hours to actually unlock them and entice people to spend money on these loot boxes that don't even reward much out anyway, so you'll have to keep on buying more.

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