Sony’s Free Uncharted Content for 10th Anniversary – IGN Daily Fix

Sony celebrates it’s adventure series, Need for Speed Payback changes up their microtransactions, and Mario + Rabbids DLC Leaks. It’s your Daily Fix.

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  1. We loved our time with Nathan Drake and appreciate the 10 years with him. We're ready for wherever Uncharted goes next. What do you think? Drake only or it's time for a new adventurer?

  2. If you agree then there is no but. I get it you guys get your games for free, but this has been a long time coming we tried regular backlash didn't work gamers tried forums bitching on reddit and it didn't work it took a star wars game screwing up to muster enough people to even make a dent. It was predatory garbage and no we shouldn't take it because where the hell does it end if we keep conforming. If you think this was just about a 60 dollar freemium Star Wars Game then you don't really know what the issue is and shouldn't touch it. This has been a long time coming and we didn't really stop anything this was a battle publishers have been ramping up freemium garbage in 60 dollar games for years they where never going to stop on their own .

  3. People like this guy are the exact reason EA gets away with their bullshit. He basically says, "yeah, I know EA uses these BS loot boxes and forces developers to put them in their game to push microtransactions. We should totally take a stand…and by that I mean, you should totally take a stand while I still buy their games and pretend it's a big problem but don't actually do anything about it."

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