Skyrim (Nintendo Switch) Review

Skyrim for Switch reviewed by Filip Miucin. The First 16 Minutes of Skyrim on Nintendo Switch: Skyrim Graphics …

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  1. Looks like the sloppy combat system is still there. It always feels like Wolfenstein with swords. The combat has never been as impressive as Witcher or Dark Souls. Imo, bringing over Dragon's Dogma would've been better. Much better gameplay and story than Skyrim.

  2. Hopefully this sells well and maybe Bethesda will port some of the Fallout games. I was so excited for Fallout 4 but it felt lackluster to me. Maybe if it's on the Switch, I'll give it a better chance.

  3. I got Skyrim on 360 but I could never get into it. I'm considering picking it up on Switch. Playing on the go seems very appealing to me. Maybe now I'll be able to get into it.

  4. Be great if you could mod it but with memory limitation and who knows if Nintendo would even allow that. So far best way to have portable modded Skyrim is with a laptop which can still be relatively bulky

  5. Lol I finally got skyrim today and I'm so happy, since I never got far on the pc version because my laptop wasn't the best at running it so it kept on crashing, but now I play it with no problems….hopefully 🙂 ps like if your a khajiit 🐱

  6. Hilarious bugs! Oh, Bethesda! Your bugs are so hilarious! Not flaws that make the game look stupid. They're hilarious! Parts of the game! It just wouldn't be Skyrim without those hilarious, hilarious bugs!

  7. Played on Pc, played on ps3 and PS4. Thought I’d complete my weird obsession and get it on switch. I can say with confidence it is an incredible achievement. Playing purely handheld and I’m blown away. Playing as a build I haven’t before conjuring archer with bound bow!

  8. Skyrim is one of the greatest RPGs ever created? LOL yeah maybe if you're only talking about western developed RPGs. It's really pathetic that TES and Fallout are the best RPGs the west has to offer. That's just embarrassing.

  9. Now it won't let me play the game, it always says "software closed because an error occurred" even though I restarted the console, tried to update again, blew on the cartridge, and then turned wifi on and off. Whoever sees this please help

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