Road Safety Tips that could Potentially Save Your Life

The number of vehicles on road in India has gone up drastically in the last decade. The numbers are even higher if you consider key metro cities.

As a result, the instances of people getting seriously injured or died due to road accidents and other’s negligence has also risen. Thus, it is not only apt to opt for a personal accident insurancebut to follow some road safety tips and save your life.

Top causes of road accidents in India 

The National Crime Records Bureau states that India is one of the leading countries with the worst road accident rates across the globe. As per the reports released by the World Health Organization on the global status on road safety in India, the leading causes of road accidents in India are:

  • Speeding
  • Rash driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Jumping traffic signals
  • Not using seatbelts and seatbelts
  • Overtaking on the wrong side

Road safety tips that you should follow 

1. Don’t ride the speed 

Speed thrills, but kills! You must have read that everywhere right from local roads to national highways and more. Thus, the major fact about the speeding is that although it gives a high when you speed on the roads, it can kill you on the spot. Yes, if you don’t have control of the bike or car, the vehicle can topple on the road and kill you. Thus, the first and foremost advice that you need to follow is – cut the speed.

2. Read road signs and rules 

Another reason for people losing their lives on the road is nothing but not adhering to the road signs and rules displayed on the road. Riders should know that the road advice has been generated with the utmost care and research and is for their betterment only. The scenario in India is grave as more than 80% of the road riders either don’t follow rules or make a mockery of all. Thus, the next thing that you need to follow is

  • Wait at the signals
  • Never skip a signal even in the dead of the night
  • Follow the road signs
  • Give value to crossing pedestrians and don’t interfere with their paths
  • Let the ambulance pass first and give it preference
  • Take U-turn only at some dedicated spots
  • Use indicators while taking a turn
  • Reduce your speed while crossing schools and hospitals
  • Stop honking without the needs and reduce noise pollution

3. Give up alcohol and phone usage while driving 

A large number of drunk drivers are prone to accidents as alcohol slows down your response time and cause a serious lapse in the judgement. When you are drunk, don’t drive yourself and rather assign an alert driver to help you reach safely. You can also call a cab in this situation. The other culprit of road mishaps is the usage of phone while driving. Thus, make it a point not to use the cell phone while driving. If you must answer a call or call anyone, park the vehicle in the left side of the road and then talk.

4. Never let a minor ride the bike or car

Some enthusiastic parents allow their child to drive a bike or car even when they are minor and don’t have even the learner’s driving license. When they drive, there is a higher probability of them making mistakes and hurting themselves and others.

The Bottom Line

It is better to follow the road safety and also avail a personal accident insurance policy to help you get an apt financial cover. All the best for following the road safety tips!

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