Rick and Negan are Losing Control on The Walking Dead

This week’s episode was jam-packed with great character moments, but we see Rick and Negan’s control slipping as a final confrontation draws closer. How Is …

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  1. Ppl who dont like the show is coming here to make comment about why dont like show, look at them attention 's whores, if u dont like it don't watch it , if you don't watch It don't comment , please, youtube facebook and other social media are becoming places where u can't longer share your likes about something ,instead places were you have to go ans be push by other ppl likes , what the horde wants no what I want :.. What shame ppl what shame.. This season has been great btw

  2. Last seasion of Game of thrones was too short for character and story development, and the walking dead was too long having too much character development and often shitty development at that, this was the first good episode that felt like it was deserved, but for god sake just end this war already and round up the show with whatever the final ending is going to be.

  3. I don’t like long talking scenes because they’re dragged out since the low budget and it’s just to kill time. But as long as Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the scene i’m okay.

  4. I still don't understand how Rick's supposed to be a good leader? Half of the problems they deal with are because of the crap he's lead them into. All, I'm saying is, if Shane was still around…..

  5. As a long time defender of the series, I think it's time my Sunday night WD parties come to an end. I keep holding out saying that due to the previous week episode being so trash, the next will make up for it… only to be disappointed time & time again

  6. I’m not hating on the show bc I used to truly enjoy it but I feel like they’ve lost their true identity the first season was epic but mainly it was about survival killing off zombies and looking for aid now it’s all about ppl forming groups to kill each other or its leaders when that’s pointless I thought the show was based on ppl coming together to survive and hopefully find some type of aid and instead to turned it into gang rivals humans killing off and punishing other humans

  7. it was a solid episode. yes the show is stale now and all the deaths of the original characters have taken it's toll, but it was a good episode. go back and watch the first couple of seasons when Shane made the show exciting and the governor added an awesome element to the show, its night and day. negan is good but we needed something to him other than the same banter over and over. it was important to get some backstory on him. honestly, kill off 3/4 of rick's group and end the show with just 5-6 characters. they try to develop and include this huge cast when it's better to just focus on a handful and really develop the characters and make the audience care. the show will never reach the peak it was at in the first 3 seasons. i understand that they needed to cover the threat humans pose in this universe but i miss when zombies were the biggest threat. i almost wish for some kind of mutation, nothing crazy like resident evil but something to make the zombies more threatening. the big issue with the show is that it's very predictable, you know when no one significant is going to die and who will never die until the final episodes of the show. once we get passed negan i really don't know what they could do. daryl's character is boring, he used to have a lot more variety to his character, now he's literally only on the show cuz he is a fan favorite

  8. IGN comments being cancerous as usual lol

    >Show is boring ermahgod I hate it, wHeRE DA ShOOtiNG!!
    >Comes back every video just to say how much they hate it


  9. The episode was brilliant 👌 can't wait for the next one, glad there's still true fans who appreciate the show and comic, each as their own medium.

  10. I never watched the WD ever in my life until Negan was introduced. I've only read and collected the comics. So I can't really say if the quality of the show has gone down or up. The script is very, very cheesy and recycled. I lost count of dialogue repetition between characters. Sometimes I leave the show in the background until Negan comes back around. Jeffrey Dean Morgan really carries the more interesting bits of the show around with him. Can't see the show being slightly enjoyable without him.

  11. I used to watch a series on YouTube called “Top 10 WTF moments from Walking Dead” and they would release a video after every episode and it was really funny and really well made, I can’t seem to find them anymore!? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

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