Rainbow Six Siege: New Operators and Map – White Noise Patch Rundown

New operators, maps, and more! Here’s everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege’s White Noise DLC! Rainbow Six Siege: New Operators and …

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  1. Can i transfer my game characters and level coz im level 105 and have all the characters but season 1 and im getting this game on xbox one can i somehow transfer ps4 to my xbox one ? Will Uplay do that ?

  2. I'm pretty happy Ubi is finally doing creative stuff and it looks like this will be a good addition in the game but what literally bugs me is how bad the character models look in game compared to their pictures or videos. I'm not one to really complain about graphics but Overwatch has really good character models in game that look almost just as good as their pictures and their videos.

  3. I like how they are reviewing this game yet they mostly likely forgot about this game,I've been playing since black ice and have not seen IGN review it ever,it just shows that that want some of that money action

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