Pakistani Reacts to TVF Permanent Roommates Season 1 Finale

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  1. I feel i should speak from tanya’s perspective as well..what mikkesh did was completely out of nowhere and it is not easy to get married with someone when you have not stayed together, not even in the same country !!!
    One needs to spend time and know each other, there is no wrong in that. One should give it time. And honestly he is a bit immature, so its okay to be a bit wary …

  2. ok. farukh bhai. series dekhne ka kaam jaby koay bhi kar raha hai. ek sawal aap khudse kijiye ki agar mai ek episode jaby ke channel pe dekh chuka hu to same episode mai aapke channel pe kyu dekhuga. i dont mean to offend you, but please you need to ask this question for yourself. react to different stuff. stuff that non-desi folks cannot understand well. thank you, and good day

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