Natalie Portman SLAMS The Golden Globes Awards “All Male Nominees” | Fans Support On Twitter

Natalie Portman Takes a Dig at ‘All-Male Nominees’ for Best Director at Golden Globes 2018. Check it out. Report by Mayuri Vitekar Edited by Amit Gupta. Footage Courtesy Splash News Subscribe…

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  1. "All male?" Sort of like every director Natalie Portman has hired for her production company, Handsomecharlie Films. Can anyone tell me why she only staffs male directors and then makes smug remarks about how no women are being nominated?

  2. The only thing slammed was her opportunity to work with these great directors in the future. But I believe she is so happy about herself for crapping on their parade. Did she mention she finished Harvard? No? Wow, these must've been the longest 10 minutes of her life.

  3. ALL MALE have it in them to be creative. It started when men found fire, and put it to good use. When men started to think about philosophy, and since. And still do to this day. Now, if only men would stop mentoring women. I'm sure another woman can fill in that role. Fuck $metoo… its just a fraud to squeeze money out of men.

  4. Let them whine we can slaughter them in a war…. LOL Give these awards to non existing non deserving people on principal, I Don't give a RATS ass. It's all BULLSHIT anyways. 15 minute PR moment for Natalie !

  5. It really sucks having a penis nowadays. A lifetime of work, effort and passion diminished by ignorance.

    Do you remember when James Cameron lost to a female for best picture? Yeah that movie happened to be the most successful box office hit and still is in our history but that’s no problem, no issue there whatsoever.

    Fuck this shit

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