A Must-Read Guide To Secure Your Netgear Router

If you have access to Netgear router login page, you are able to change settings such as viewing any security keys. Change the default password to something else.

Having an open WiFi network can be a security risk because it may let anyone nearby your router access your network. So, it is very important to secure your router once the Netgear router installation has been completed. In order to make your wireless router more secure, take the following suggestions into consideration. Read on. 

Quick Tip:

All of the steps given below will require full access to Netgear router setup. It is recommended to configure wireless security over a computer connected to the router using a cable.

Let’s have a look at easy-to-follow tips for making your router secure. 

1. Change default password

First and foremost, ensure the router is not using the default password. Let us alert you – default passwords can easily be guessed by anyone. If you have access to Netgear router login page, you are able to change settings such as viewing any security keys. Change the default password to something else. 

2. Deactivate remote administration 

Remote administration, when activated, enables anyone within the range of your router to view and change the settings. Therefore, disable the remote administration feature on your device. This can be done through the administration section. Once turned off, router settings can be changed via a computer connected to the router using a cable. 

3. Change the default SSID name

SSID is the name which recognizes your router or access point. By default, many routers will use the same name as the default SSID. Making use of the default SSID is a security risk because it basically contains the manufacturer name. So, anyone who knows your router’s manufacturer name can easily crack the SSID name.

Tip: While changing the network name, we recommend you not to use your name, birthday, mobile number, spouse’s birthday or any other personal detail. 

4. Close the network

Have you ever been asked for a password while connecting to your wireless network? Well, it is very common. But if this is not the case, it is an unsecured network. Due to this, anyone within the coverage of your router can connect to your network. In order to turn on the security, access routerlogin.net and search for the wireless security section.

Choose any of the available security methods such as WPA, WPA2 or WEP. Enter a passcode to generate the keys. Once enabled, any wireless device which wants to connect to your network must require entering the password you have set up. 

5. Use WPA if available

Routers come with the three different security modes: WPA, WEP and WPA2. WPA and WPA2 are more secure than WEP. On the other hand, for the compatibility reasons with some older devices like TVs, gaming consoles and other networking devices, WEP may be the only security mode to make use of. Something is better than nothing – WEP is better than no security.

6. Activate router firewall

Most routers include a firewall function that can be activated. Make sure to enable the firewall as it will add an extra security layer to your network. 

7. Turn off SSID broadcast

Routers broadcast your SSID in order to make it easier for others to find your WiFi network. All thanks to this function, nearby devices can connect to your network in no time. You can disable the SSID broadcast to make it more difficult for others to connect to your network. For this purpose, use Netgear router default IP to access the setup page and click on SSID button. When deactivated, it will require you to manually type the SSID if you desire to connect any new device to your wireless network. 

8. Turn on wireless MAC Filter

Wireless MAC filter enables a WiFi-compatible device to connect to your router if the MAC address of that device is listed on the filter list. MAC stands for Media Access Control address. MAC filtering will make it difficult to connect new devices to your network. All in all, it improves the security of your router.

That’s it! This was our guide to secure your Netgear router. For any queries, opt for Netgear router support from our certified and highly-experienced technicians. 

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