Why Mobile Networks Now Using VoLTE To Improve Voice and Data Services

New technologies using the telephone industry for the better quality voice calls over 4G network. Call drops or call cuts during the call on progress has been gone as Mobile network companies using the latest technology and top instruments needed to fulfill to implement those technology. Some years ago, even supreme court has been interfered in the issue of getting call drops when customers making voice call suing the network. Supreme court has warned the companies to solve the issue or redeem charges while getting those issues. Now the call drop become just dream since using VoLTE technology and almost all companies shifted to 4G network to ensure better services for their users.


Let’s look how VoLTE technology add quality to voice and video calls with its powerful features. Features of VoLTE discussing here.


Simply VoLTE is Voice over long term evolution and is a standard for high speed mobile communication system and wireless communication. VoLTE is purely based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem network. Before implementing the technology, companies used traditional LTE (Long Term Evolution) to operate network.




Difference Between LTE(4G) and VoLTE

LTE: LTE is simply represent the 4G network and purely based on the improvement and quality for data only. 4G is just a name given to Long Term Evolution (LTE). LTE is technological evolution of traditional GSM and CDMA which were we used for long time. And we know LTE is 4G and many of the mobile companies have changed from 3G to 4G network to ensure higher data speed in terms of both downloading and uploading.


Because of LTE giving more emphasize on data and its speed, no having any close relation with voice calls. LTE only limited to data only. LTE is 4G in simple words and is 10 times faster than 3G. The technology only applicable to the smartphone or devices that purely support the technology. GSM uses technology called time delay duplex (TDD) and CDMA using code division duplex (CDD). GSM was improved to HSPA, or high speed packet access which is more advanced.


VoLTE: So you can have question VoLTE is 5G ? Nope, it is much more advanced technology of 4G itself which add value to Voice calls too. So we can say that VoLTE is specifically designed for both voice and data improvements. You may experience in old technologies or 3G network, you will lose data connection when an incoming call you attend. The data connection will automatically turn off in LTE technology to add more quality on your voice calls. But in VoLTE technology, you can use both data and voice call simultaneously. Even you are in a call, you can browse simultaneously in VoLTE and is the main advantage of VoLTE network. As VoLTE takes its market , the terms HD Voice call and video calls come in to exist.


Features Of VoLTE Technology

From above we have clear that LTE represents 2G,3G and 4G and is only deals or based on the data speed. But VoLTE based on both data and voice call simultaneously. Based on improvement of voice call even data connection still there. Let’s Now discuss the features of VoLTE and how it add quality to voice calls.


Improved Voice Quality: We know calls are placed in 2G and 3G using LTE via cellular network. But VoLTE sends calls in data packets. Calls connect via 4G network. The one powerful feature by connecting this is to connect the calls in faster way as compared to previously used technology.


End Of Call Dropping: Call dropping during call was one of the major drawback of LTE, so By implementing VoLTE, this is the end of Call dropping.


Data connection and Call simultaneously: One another feature. Before the development of Android, in Symbian era, we used to download digital files like movies, songs etc on the foreground screen without back the button. That changed when Android OS established. Even we can download and it is on the back and can use other apps and services simultaneously. But when a call arrived, the data connection lost. That problem simplified by the development of VoLTE.


Efficient and Cost Effective: It is much more efficient and cost effective that circuit switched network. Why? It allows the service providers to use the same circuit to operate for both data and voice calls.


Supports HD Video calls: More than HD Voice calls, VoLTE Enables video calls and video conference. The improved high quality pixel video conference call is the bonus for VoLTE.



Limitations and other pros Concerned with VoLTE


There were some of limitations regarding VoLTE. I here mentioned “were some of limitations”, you know why? That was just limitation in the beginning of VoLTE technology implemented. One of the limitations was, all the smartphones not supports VoLTE.  Because that was era of 2G and 3G and all the smartphones are manufactured f the support of 3G network only. For Volte, need VoLTE enabled smartphones. but now all the smartphone manufacturers manufactures smartphones with VoLTE SIM slot enabled. With the help of android and iOS apps, the 2G or 3G smartphones can be converted in to 4G VoLTE enabled. In india, Reliance Jio introduced Jio4GVoice app to convert 2G/3G smartphone VoLTE Enabled with the help of WiFi modem. The special app interface allows the users to experience all the features and HD Voice and Video calls using the low configuration smartphone with the application. This is the best option for someone who have no having VoLTE smartphone, just buying low budget WiFi modem and can make Low end WiFi network.



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