Marvel’s The Punisher: The BEST Easter Eggs and References

From a song choice that’s also a comic book reference to that pinball fight callback, here is every Easter egg and reference we found tucked away in Season 1 of …

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  1. How can a character so brutal and the most adult Marvel character be a character that first appeared in a Spider-Man comic lol one of the kid friendliest heroes in Marvel.

  2. I read The Picture of Dorian Grey, and I watched the film. It was definitely an Easter Egg for those that knew he played Dorian in the film, but there are also parallels between Billy and Dorian

  3. There's in error in one of the easter eggs. Frank spray painting the skull insignia on a vest is not a reference to the 2004 film, it's a reference to 1994's Punisher: Year One which is where this is originally seen and in turn referenced in both the film and Netflix series.
    Sorry, I'm a die-hard fan who couldn't help notice and get the real facts out there.

  4. Billy Russo reading the book on Dorian Gray could also be a reference to the actual actor (Ben Barnes) having played the role of Dorian Gray in the live film adaptation (2009)

  5. The show was kinda of slow paced, but it had a solid plot, good acting and chemistry, and a great villain. I would've liked to see The Punisher have another shootout or 2. Overall I give this an 8/10 and place it in 3rd place on the Netflix Marvel chart behind Daredevil and Jessica Jones S1

  6. The Castiglione last name Frank uses as an alias comes from a War Journal story when Frank goes to Sicily and learns that his family originally emigrated from there and changed their name to Castle. I was really hoping he would use his other alias from the comics Charles Fort.

  7. There was a full metal jacket easter egg in the episode where Frank, Billy, and others are selected for Cerberus. After the briefing, Bill says, "So does this mean Ann Margaret isn't coming?". A line that Pvt. Joker gave during a briefing in Full Metal Jacket.

  8. I'm surprised Punisher didn't ask Karen how Murdock was doing since in season 2 he talked to Karen about her love life with Murdock and since frank knows matt is daredevil it would've been cool to see where that conversation would've headed since both frank and Karen know matts secret

  9. This series gives me serious Breaking Bad vibes. It was so engaging, easily binge worthy just like B.B. and it’s handling of the characters was objectively better that Daredevil Season 1 in my honest opinion. Also, Midani was a pleasant addition which was surprising, since she wasn’t in the comics.

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