Marvel’s The Punisher: Let’s Talk About Lewis’s Story

Full spoilers! Terri digs into how Marvel’s The Punisher has handled the character of Lewis, and what problems that points out for the series so far. Subscribe to …

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  1. uhg this show is such a hot mess. doesn’t seem to have anything to say except “look at all these very similar types of toxic masculinity!” “oooh cool gun fight!” (and yes, i watched all of it. and yes, we can have different opinions. it’s really ok 👌)

  2. Everyone is so focused on the punisher have a message or meaning on ptsd, gun control, our vets, why can’t it just be a marvel comic book show about a man who lost everything doing what he was told and when it came to protecting their own he was betrayed why does it have to have a message or meaning on today world? A lot of people can say that if they were in Frank’s shoes they wouldn’t want the same??? Or at least to expose these people? He has a code he is trying to do right, I’m not saying killing is right but he does…… remember I have an opinion don’t punish me for my opinion thanks

  3. Lewis was a bomber. An extremely deadly bomber…who could've (and would've) killed thousands of innocent people. He was also extremely mentally unstable, & couldn't be rationed with. If I were in Frank's shoes, I would've encouraged him into suicide too, for Lewis own sake, & for the sake of thousands of other people's lives. Frank was a hero for making the hard call, in my opinion

  4. …why wouldn't Frank tell him to kill himself… he's not a hero… he was planning on killing him.
    Please stop looking for a message in everything… I saw a great representation of the Punisher… if you don't know what that character is about I don't know what to tell you.

  5. PTSD is a running theme in the Punisher and Frank. I liked how this show shed some light where there really hasn't been. Coming from a military family, this has always been close to me. I've also worked with some vets and it really is heartbreaking, especially the younger ones. How they really are cast aside after risking their lives and dying for the country. They get no mental health help, tough to find employment or housing, and re-assimilation. Although I haven't personally seen a vet at the point of Lewis, but I've seen some tough cases. Talking really isn't enough. Lewis' scenes are so powerful.

  6. Terri,
    I think you're looking for the producers to say "We have to get rid of all the guns!" They're not saying that… Not AT ALL. They ARE saying that the issue is complicated. They are saying that we're surrounded by weapons all the time. Everything from Hammers, to Cars, to Pressure cookers, to prosthetic limbs, to mirrors, and Yes guns can be used to kill or maim.

  7. This was a surprisingly solid show!! The Punisher has always felt too teenage angsty for me as an outsider looking in, but DD season 2 sold me on the character (his plot by far being the superior half of that) and this season made me honestly consider reading his actual comics. I have only ever read the first part of "Welcome Back, Frank" So I'll definitely be giving Frank Castle another shot now.

  8. I like the Lewis sub plot. I think he serves as a mirror to Frank's castle development as a character. The back and forward arguments between them, when Lewis said that they're exactly the same and Frank refuting it. It made Frank question his own ethics, morality and sanity. I think people wants this series to serve as a social narratives about gun control and ptsd especially with recent events, that's fair. But at it's core the punisher character is not about those things. It's not a story of a hero of good versus evil. It's a story about a broken person that will always be broken, a story about retribution v clemency.

  9. The show gave you both sides of the coin, guys that can comeback and do good in society despite their loss (Curtis) and guys that simply can never return after the work, the lovebird scene when Lewis try to free them after killing the Anvil guy is a great metaphor, they were so used to the cage they no longer knew how to leave. It is how to handle that information, that reality what matters, if you were expecting the show to tell you how to thing about than you can sit waiting, you have to make your own mind from the situations it depicts.

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