How to Make Running Track Line Marking


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Anybody comfortable with running occasions hung on a 400-meter oval track has likely seen the white begin complete lines for the different races. Strict controls oversee the areas and exact width of the lines on a running track, and in addition, the partition between the amazed begin lines. Regardless of whether you’re fixing a landing area surface with paint or an earth track with chalk, the activity requires a track arrange for that is perceived by the proper athletic association or race authorizing substance. Compose your team, supplies, and gear at the infield territory to check the lines for a running track. 


Running Lanes


Stage 1 

Place the track anticipate a card table in the infield territory of the track. Assign an accomplished group part or foreman to decipher the plans and get out measurements. 


Stage 2 

Check areas for running path lines that are 1.2 m separated over the width of the track at every straight segment with 12-inch steel spikes. Drive the spikes at each finish of the straight areas with a steel hammer. Fix a nylon string line firmly between the comparing spikes at each finish of the straights and at ground level.


Stage 3 

Fill the container on a line checking machine with white line paint or white chalk. Set the distributor spout to 50 mm wide. Adjust the tracking guide at the front of the machine with the focal point of the allocator spout. 


Stage 4 

Check the paths utilizing the tracking guide at the front of the machine to take after the nylon string lines. Draw up the steel spikes and curl the nylon line when the underlying path marks are finished. 


Stage 5 

Measure over the infield toward the finish of every straight area. Check the focal point of the infield with steel spikes at every area. 


Stage 6 

Position the checking machine toward one side of within Running track flooring line. Fix a 1/4-inch plaited nylon rope firmly between the comparing spike at the focal point of the infield and the metal ring on the highest point of the machine. 


Stage 7 

Keep up predictable pressure on the nylon rope as you stamp the span lines for within running path from the finish of every straight area to the start of the contrary straight segment. 


Stage 8 

Reposition the machine toward the finish of each running path each one in turn. Alter the rope firmly between the spike at the focal point of the infield and the machine each time. Like every one of the sweeps running imprints at each finish of the track with a similar strategy

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Begin Finish Lines 


Stage 1 

Drive steel spikes at each side of the track toward the end goal of the 100 m race that happens on the home field straight area. Drive the spikes simply off the external edges of the running surface. 


Stage 2 

Measure precisely 100 m along the straightaway from each spike and drive another match of spikes for the beginning line. Fix a string line firmly over the track at ground level between each combination of spikes. 


Stage 3 

Take after the string lines and check the beginning complete lines for the 100 m race with the stamping machine. 


Stage 4 

Design the amazed beginning lines toward the finish of every straight segment, beginning at the second path from within. Each beginning line is 7.036 m in front of the past as you work over the track toward the outside path. 


Stage 5 

Check each of the stunned begin lines at every path with the stamping machine.

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Things You’ll Need 

  • Track checking plan 
  • Card table 
  • 100-m estimating tape 
  • 12-inch steel spikes 
  • Steel hammer 
  • Nylon string line 
  • Line stamping machine 
  • Brilliant white line paint or chalk 
  • 1/4-inch plaited nylon rope 



In the event that important, allude to the track design and stamp lines for the implement trade boxes for a handoff race. 



Take after the soul of the craftsman’s proverb of estimating twice and after that cutting – or for this situation, denoting the track – once, to abstain from committing an error.



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