Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Official Deluxe Edition Trailer

This version of the game comes with a bonus episode, mixtape mode and outfit pack. Watch more trailers here!

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  1. Love Life is Strange but not a fan of the deluxe edition idea. Outfit pack? So how much money you pay changes whether Chloe is a human being with multiple sets of clothes or whether she is a slob that wears one outfit constantly. Context breaking stuff like that makes no sense and annoys me

    Also I feel mixtape mode should not be extra money either.

    Finally bonus episode sounds like it should just come with the game, tho idk what it is.

    I will almost definitely buy this (tho idk what it costs) because it's a cheap game anyway and I want the bonus episode, and I guess I'll just view that as DLC, but I wish all this just came with the game, even if they had to raise the price a few bucks. Or just sell the bonus episode as DLC, but the rest comes with the game, that'd be fine. Tho even then, it would be kinda weird for them to announce DLC before the game came out

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